Identifying a legitimate home based business opportunity is not easy.

With thousands of “fly by night” type companies out there, it is becoming harder every day to find a legitimate home based business opportunity. But i don’t want you to worry or get discouraged…

I want you to know that there are legitimate home based business opportunities out there that are right for you, you just need to know what to look for, and that is why I’m writing this article today.

As a person that is seeking to change their fortune you are in a vulnerable position. Let me explain…

You’re filled with emotion and excitement because you have made the decision to possibly become an entrepreneur via the home based business industry. And that is really exciting! But because of that there are advertiser/marketers that understand that, and they use Ads that trigger emotions (your vulnerability) in order to for you to take action and respond to an Ad.

Now.. there is nothing wrong with that, that is the foundation of a good marketing campaign, however I want you to realize that it is at that specific moment when you respond to an Ad (in order to get more information) it is when you need to take the emotions hat off and put on the logic hat and ask yourself…

Did the Ad deliver what it promised? Or did the advertiser bait you in with one thing and then try to sell you something else?
What is delivered in the landing page? Is it all hype and fluff? (Expensive cars, mansions, money) or is there true value & substance with the information provided regarding what you are looking for.

Assuming that Ad delivered what it promised and you are ready and willing to look deeper into this legitimate home based business opportunity, you’re now going to want to make sure that all the benefits you’re looking for are incorporated into this opportunity.

And here’s a small list….

Unique Business Model & Products – This will make it easier for you to get your business started without dealing with products that have saturated the market.
Step By Step system that will literally take you by the hand and show you exactly how to get started, your following steps and your steps moving forward as you start building your home based business.
Weekly if not daily trainings that will allow you to learn from the people that are already getting results with what works right now so that you can implement it in your business.
Weekly support calls where you can directly speak to a top producer and ask any question or address any concern regarding your business so that they can point you in the right direction.
Marketing system that is pre-established and allows you to start your business right out of the gate and that allows you to brand it or mold it to you as you become more proficient.
Make sure the opportunity has global reach. By not limiting yourself to a local area or a region you are more likely to access larger markets using the internet to make more sales and grow your business exponentially
Finally, make sure that you become part of an opportunity that is composed of individuals that do not mind sharing new concepts and ideas and will allow you to become part of that discussion so that you can benefit from each others experiences and grow as whole.

It has never been about competition, rather understanding that there are different opportunities for different people. Therefore, if you find yourself with a company that bad mouths others or use deceptive tactics to gain business then I highly recommend that you think twice before investing a single dime.

But if you find yourself in a position where you are looking for exactly the specific points I touched base in this article then I welcome you to visit my website.

Good luck.

PS: Always use your gut instinct, it will rarely fail you.

Isaac Tobelen is an Internet Marketing Specialist & Coach. He assists serious entrepreneurs to build profitable online businesses through proper education and marketing strategies that are working right now. Learn about the system that Isaac uses to build his online business by visiting

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