I was once one such person so I decided to write as if I were speaking with my young daughter. Make it easy enough to understand and even easier to actually DO. It really is very simple. Let’s break it down into fast read, easy to understand pieces.

There are two ways to get education.

1. You can get it over time by subscribing to high quality sources of information and/or

2. You can get it all at once through paid products.

Either way you need to have “balance”.

Either method can lead to sensory overload. Too much, too fast. Your head starts to hurt. You become confused on what to use, what to do, how to do it – then paralyzation sets in through doubt and fear. Then you do nothing.


The first thing you should do is breathe. Next you could begin a search on Google about what it is you want t learn.

How to market on the internet.
How to create a product to sell on the internet.
How to find products to sell on the internet with high value and cheap prices.
How to advertise your product on the internet.
How to collect payments for your product on the internet.
How to make a website to sell your product on the internet.
How to upload your product to your website.

And on and on.

These and many more, are the questions I’ve asked myself over the past year. Night after mind-numbing night. Web page after webpage. (All this on top of a fulltime career, marriage and a competitive soccer playing daughter). I’ve complied an literal Army of internet marketers who earn millions annually and have joined or bought everything they market. I spent months researching just who the “Big Guns” of this industry were and then learned more about them in any forum I could find.

Just to compare products, I even bought stuff from whom many would consider “scam artists”. Guess what? Most of it was re-hashed material barely re-packaged. But the stuff I buy from whom I consider the “Top 14” is really unique and fresh. I don’t know how they do it but I can honestly say that I’ve learned something new from each of them and open every single email I get from them because all it takes is one good idea to make it all click.

Back to the subject at hand.

If you’ve been working really hard to get it all to click for you as well but starting to get or are already frustrated, I understand. I was there too not that long ago. Don’t misunderstand; there is no “secret code” to crack. It’s just having the tenacity to keep going when it’s going nowhere. It’s mindset. It’s having that dream that you desperately want. It’s having success on your terms. It’s looking at life differently because you have financial freedom.

It’s about that education I told you about. I use both options. You can too at my site. www.OneSoundIdea.com I wasn’t always an internet marketer, I was a very successful…I’ll leave that for the next post.If you know of something valuable that’s worked for you, please share it with our other internet marketers.


Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Louie_Frias

Dollar Tee Club operates a factory in Tampa, Florida, shipping out t-shirts at ridiculously low prices – some as low as a dollar!

Er… some of that’s true. But most of it’s not.

A news station in Florida has followed up on what it alleges are hundreds of consumer complaints against Dollar Tee Club, from customers who say it takes forever to get the shirts they order – like, a literal year – or they never arrive at all.

Tampa’s ABC Action News says nearly 800 people have contacted the Better Business Bureau in the last year alone to complain about their missing t-shirts, which are supposed to arrive within one or two weeks. The news station tried to track down company leaders for a face to face, but Dollar Tee of course declined. They did, however, submit the following statement by way of explanation:

“Unfortunately, we experienced a very large and unusual growth spike that caused the delays. Since then we have … improved shipping systems, added more equipment, and hired additional labor to assist.” They also said that problems with their printing equipment was at the source of their fulfillment issues.

So either this is the worst attempt in history to scale a business, or these folks are just plain old scam artists. When visiting the Better Business Bureau page for Dollar Tee Club – the BBB, by the way, does not accredit the company – you’ll find one neutral review, 42 negative ones and zero positive. So something tells me there’s a little more to it than a little screen printer downtime.

We tried to find Dollar Tee Club online and while their website link is busted, they do have a Facebook page… which is basically a picture of their logo and then about 600 comments from angry customers sharing their horror stories. Dollar Tee Club – I know you’re busy not printing shirts, but if you could spare a minute? Take down that page. It’s not helping.

I’m Anna Wells and this is IEN Now
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