If you want to create an eye-catching blog that brings in a large readership and big marketing dollars you need to think outside the box. There are lots of creative approaches you can use in designing a blog. Here are the three most common and effective methods.

The first is to treat your blog as a personal diary. An honest, heartfelt look at your life can have a huge impact. Just look at reality TV. People love personal stories. Perhaps you are a world traveler writing about your unique experiences. If you are struggling with infertility your journey could bring hope and enlightenment to others. If you are leading the wild single life your sensational stories of dating in the big city can be very intriguing to others. Whatever you write about be yourself and keep it authentic.

The next approach is to incorporate an outside element into your blog. You can write about your journey as you read through classic literature. Create a social experiment on campus or in your town and write about the process or take on a challenge like running your first marathon and keep track of your progress. Creating a goal and blogging about it can give you the opportunity to learn new things and experience unusual situations that create great reading material for others.

The final approach is to open up your blog to others to submit content. Readers could share their own stories, funny pictures, dark secrets and personal advice. This is a great way to keep content fresh and create a community environment that your readers will want to keep coming back to.

There are lots of ways to create a successful blog and make money in your spare time. For more tips, consult the available online resources that provide you with the information and tools you need to design a lucrative blog.

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