Nowadays, there’s nothing more annoying than having an Internet connection which runs incredibly slowly. With sites such as YouTube and Facebook, we need to have a fast Internet connection… and luckily for you, there’s an easy way to speed yours up!

Unfortunately, most people actually have a very fast connection, but a computer which can’t process it fast enough. This is an overlooked part of the Internet world which is the reason why many people can’t seem to ever have a fast enough connection – their computer is the problem, not the Internet provider. The problem is that there’s a part of your PC which stores all the various Internet files that your computer needs in order to browse the web smoothly and quickly… and these files are prone to becoming corrupt and incredibly difficult to read.

It all boils down to a part of your computer called the ‘registry’. This is a big database which sits at the heart of Windows, saving all the settings and options for your computer. This database contains all sorts of important information for your Internet browsing – such as saved copies of the past sites you’ve been on and even your most searched for terms. It’s a very important part of the Internet on your computer, which is responsible for making it run a lot smoother.

Think of the registry & all the Internet related files inside it as being a way for your computer to remember various sites and settings so that it can just recall them next time, instead of having to redownload them all the time. This is designed to make your Internet run a lot faster and smoother, even if you have a relatively slow connection. The problem is that the registry and all the files inside it have a tendency to become corrupt and damaged, making them incredibly difficult to read. This makes your computer spend longer trying to decipher them, which slows it down dramatically.

In terms of the Internet, if your computer can’t read any saved websites or even small packets on information such as your most common search terms, it will have to redownload them from the web, which will place strain on your connection and slow it down. Many computers have this problem and it’s incredibly easy to fix. Luckily, you can actually clean out all the damaged files from the registry by using a software tool called a ‘registry cleaner’ . Registry cleaners are simple software tools designed to scan through every registry file and then fix any of the ones that are damaged or broken. This will allow your computer to read the saved Internet files it needs, when it needs them, allowing it to free up your connection for what you need.

The best registry cleaner to speed up your Internet is one called RegAce

O Programa do Porchat recebeu Sabrina Parlatore, Max Fivelinha, Edgard Piccoli e Marcos Mion. Os ex-VJs falaram sobre a conexão que tinham com o público antes do surgimento da internet, quando as pessoas ligavam para a emissora pedindo a transmissão de videoclipes. Para Edgar Piccoli, o “final da MTV foi em decorrência da massificação globalizada”.
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