Google’s market share among search engines has grown consistently over the past decade making it the dominant engine on the internet. The massive volume of searches Google handles daily has created an opportunity for anyone with a website to benefit financially from their search engine.

Below are two tips on how to make money with Google.

Make Money With Google AdSense

If you already have an established website you can create an immediate revenue stream by embedding advertisements on your site with Google AdSense.

When you use AdSense on your website you’re essentially giving other websites and businesses the opportunity to place links on your website in designated areas. When their link is clicked a search user leaves your website and is referred to the advertiser’s site.

Each click on an AdSense ad earns you a referral fee. The majority of referral fees earned are less than twenty cents, with more competitive niches earning upwards of ten dollars per click.

A growing trend among AdSense users is to “blend” ad space with your site. Instead of trying to make advertisements stand out, you blend the ad links to match your website. It gives the web user a much more consistent experience without feeling bombarded with advertisements.

Make Money With Google AdWords

The Google AdWords advertising platform allows you to display ads and links that would send search users to your website. The two main approaches to using Google AdWords are to increase incoming traffic or generate sales.

If your goal is to expand your user base and introduce your website to more people you can use very general keywords to attract a broad audience. Since your goal is to get more people to visit your site, you can target anyone that may have an interest in your website.

Using Google AdWords to generate online sales requires a much more detailed and targeted advertising campaign. A refined keyword list and compelling ad copy are needed to target consumers ready to buy online.

The tips above are just a small sample from a larger blueprint to make money with Google found at the Maverick Money Makers.