Articles are a big part of the internet. People use articles to get information. People read articles as a leisure activity. And affiliates use articles to make money online. Throughout the internet there are large articles directories that index the millions of articles online. People submit many articles to the article directories in order to get information to web surfers.

Once an article is submitted into an article directory, it will then be referenced by the search engines so that when a person is looking for information, the search engine can display these articles. Now the object of articles is for it to be keyword optimized so it ranks higher in the search engines. If your article places well, then you should see some traffic through that article.

Affiliate marketing plays a major role in the many articles throughout the internet. Affiliates have been using articles for years to get information out about a certain product in hopes of getting a commission. So here is how this works:

– John Doe Affiliate finds a product on the internet which he thinks he can successfully promote in order to make some money online.

– John then writes a review about this product in the form of an article.

– Jane Doe is looking for the product in question and runs into John Does article. She reads the articles and clicks on the link that John provided her with.

РJane comes to John’s website where she finds more information about the product. She then clicks on a link sending her to the merchant’s page.

– Jane then purchases the product and John gets a commission.

This is how affiliates will use articles in order to expand their business. The main reason that they use articles so much is that the traffic from the articles is 100% free. The only thing that it cost the affiliate was the time that it took to write the article.

Article directories continue to grow larger and larger and the search engines are collecting all this information and indexing it for web surfers. If you are not using articles in order to expand your business, then you are not being an affiliate. On top of free traffic, articles will help build your Google Page Rank score. This system is being used less and less but there are still many people who use it to gauge websites.

In a nutshell, that is how you make money online with articles. There are many other details involved in the process but that is a basic idea. There are many places on the internet where you can find many article writing tips and techniques. It is a good idea to learn as much as you can about articles, article directories, and making money online. Articles do have the power to increaes your online sales and profits. The information about how to make money with articles is out there. You can start right now and the best part is you can do it for free.

So what are you waiting for? Start right now and join the many other people making money online with articles.

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