Nowadays it is somewhat impossible to live with one income alone. This is why mums leave their homes to look for jobs to make ends meet easier for their family. As much as they would want to take good care of their kids it is quite imperative to help the husband out in these dire financial times. Being a working mom is great, but sometimes having easy money can neglect the most important task of all – motherhood. There are really admirable moms out there that are able to balance work and such obligations. But more often, moms are too tired to even talk to their kids and have some quality time with them in their chase for money. So how can mothers stay joyfully at home tending to her family’s needs with just sole income from her husband?

* Start a budget

In most cases, failure to have a working budget is a mom’s waterloo at achieving financial freedom. Encoding their weekly or monthly budget in an excel spreadsheet or any free budgeting tool online can greatly help them in living with one income. This is the best way to keep track at their expenses and make room for savings each month. Budgeting can be tough but these not put wrinkles on their faces. Budgets are only guides. If their current budget is not working, they can try out another one until they found one that works.

* Use Coupons

Coupons are available everywhere. Sadly, moms are just plain lazy to take the time clipping and organizing them. Getting great coupon deals can be fun! How would it be when they can have extra $ 20 each month to purchase their most favorite indulgence? There are many websites that offer printable coupons. All they need to do is spend a few minutes to get some deals. Pennies are not grown on apple trees but coupons offer them freely.

* Create a Home Garden!

Yes, creating a vegetable patch can really help. There’s a technique called square foot gardening where they can easily plant tomatoes, bell peppers and other produce with less sweat. Got a problem with spaces? Buy a pot! Instead of having flowers, why not grow tomatoes or leafy greens on them. No need to buy pricey organics, grow them free at home.

* Ditch Credit Cards

Do they still want to have credit card bills snatch away their monthly earnings? If they worry a lot about shopping online to get cheaper products, it’s time to get prepaid credit cards. These angels can purchase the same things online because visa prepaid is accepted worldwide. No more late fees and surcharges just great advantages for someone living with one income.

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