It looks like a very common question that many singles do not even bother reading about articles that answer the question as they think they already know what it takes to impress online. But unfortunately, most of singles do not know what really matters when impressing a date online.

1. First Impression is the last impression: Heard it before? This is a universal truth. When you contact a single through an online message or chat, be nice in very first connection. If you show rudeness or behave with bad manners, chances of getting connected to that single again fall rapidly. If you develop a strong emotional attraction by conversing on thoughtful topics, it will leave an everlasting positive impression.

2. Take it easy: One step at a time is the best mantra for finding love online. Do not rush to ask too much or reveal too much about yourself in first few conversations. Do not push too hard for any personal information. If you try to be too fast, you are giving an impression that you are desperate rather than the one who is looking for a long-term relationship. So be calm and do not show too much excitement in very first chat or message.

3. Be truthful: Never ever try to claim what you do not have. For example, inflating your salary or claiming to be never married even though divorced, can be harmful for the relationship if truth comes out later when the relationship is in fruition phase. Your partner will not trust you anymore and your relationship could be on a rocky path thereafter. Be honest about your background, past relations and your interests. And this will set right expectations for the relationship.

4. Post Decent Pictures: If your profile does not have a picture, many singles may not be even interested in looking at your profile, forget about contacting you. One mantra for your pictures: “Dress to Impress and not Dress Less to Press Hard”. If you show a lot of skin through your photos in online dating websites, you are not giving a good impression. Many will even run away and think of you as one with a loose character. So do not pose to be a next Victoria Model or SuperMan in your online photos but show real photos that have been taken from day-to-day life. Furthermore, do not post a very old picture of yours as it will disappoint your match when you meet the match on first date.

5. Complete Profile online: If you are seriously looking for finding your partner online, you should fill all sections with true information. If your profile shows only your  nickname and location but no answers to questions or empty photo album, chances of appearing in search results get remote. More you fill your profile on a dating website like or, more are the chances that you will be viewed and get contacted by other singles.

Though it takes more than just 5 points mentioned above to impress a date online, these are good starting points and will definitely be a game changer for those who have not been following above points in their pursuit of finding true love online!

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