So you want to start an internet marketing business and are deluged with offers and stories of rags to riches wealth. You are scared to make the wrong decision especially as you have very limited funds. So what do you do? Here are a few things you should consider when deciding to start on online marketing business.

Bear in mind, that you need you clearly define your aims and objectives first. What would you like to achieve over certain periods, is it financial freedom, an ability to spend more time with your family etc. Once you’ve clearly defined your personal goals, you can then assess the opportunity in terms of the income potential, the cost considerations and the profit potential. You also need to assess whether you have the right skills to do what is required for you to succeed.

What are the revenue and profit opportunities?

You need to bear in mind when internet marketers attempt to recruit you and provide examples of how people are making thousands or even millions with their business, they are only providing examples of the top earners. These earnings are by no means typically. In fact, it is estimated that over 95% of people starting their network marketing business will earn little or no money.

You need to analyze in depth what the typical earnings are. In reality it is very difficult to do this, however, you can look at the worst case scenario earnings. For example, if I sell one of these products a month, would I be happy? You can also assess the likelihood of the product you are promoting selling at sufficient volume to make you profit. Unfortunately, you may need to enroll first before you find out. If that is the case and you do not have a high budget, then the opportunity may not be for you.

What are the costs involved?

You also need to know that not all the costs of running your business are disclosed at the front end by network marketing companies. There are a lot of hidden costs which may include, membership cost, costs of servicing your website or accounts to name a few. Be careful, you factor all this when you assess the profit potential of the opportunity.

Also try and estimate your marketing costs effectively, as this is your most crucial cost. You business may ground to a halt if you have not budgeted effectively for marketing. Try and do so covering a period of between one to three months and assuming there is no profit to plow back into the business. If you do not have enough money to cover your marketing, then you may need to either consider another opportunity or wait until you have enough if you are confident you have found the right opportunity for you. Once you’ve started your business and in the next 3 months marketed it with little or no return to plow back, as long as you are confident you have been following the system you’ve been taught, then you may need to consider whether the opportunity is the right one for you.

Do you have the right skill sets?

This is another very important factor when deciding whether you need to sign up for an opportunity. If the opportunity requires you to draw up a warm list or do some cold selling and you are not good at this do not join up as you are more than likely to fail. You could consider new opportunities which use pre-built websites and call centers to handle and close your sales for you. Alternatively, if you are confident enough, you could learn from your sponsor how to overcome your weaknesses. However, it is very difficult to overcome unease with badgering your friends and relatives about your opportunity. In that case, go for companies which teach you how to generate leads and make sales without using a warm market.

It is very difficult to assess an opportunity without first enrolling for it. However, you can carry out very quick analysis in terms of earnings and profit potential, cost implications and your skills set match with the opportunity. You must tie these in with your aims and objectives.

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