The time when people with age 50 stayed at home doing nothing has gone. Living in the fast paced lifestyle there should be no chance of staying away from the things that you wanted to do. To start something you don’t have to think of being late. The time is perfect to begin in even late years of life. It will be beneficial for you if you are in good shape so better take charge of your life and health in particular. Doing strength training will have good impact on your health. According to fitness experts, people in their 50s should undergo strength training for 2-3 times every week in order to do workouts on all muscle groups that are arms, legs, shoulders and trunk. You should lift a weight heavy enough to attain 10 to 15 reps in a session before muscles become tired.

The older people can strengthen their lungs and heart with aerobic exercises; these exercises can also tone their bodies. Walking, running and swimming are the form of aerobics. However weight training is avoided. Are you aware that weight training exercise can slow down or reverse the declining bone density and muscle mass? Weight exercises provide stress or resistance which help muscles in gaining strength with few movements only. Resistance can be obtained from free weights or machines.

To achieve lower body strength you can perform basic squats that may be stability ball squats, squats on one leg, goddess pose, door squats and stretch. For improvement in your upper body, you have to do push ups on knee and counter push ups. Mind well too much of pain while lifting weights is a sign of putting extra in your efforts that should be avoided. Some soreness in muscles due to stress is quiet normal for that you don’t have to worry. In this process muscles tissues break and while healing the muscles slowly increase in size and strength. It’s always good to work on your muscles but that should be within limits. Bodybuilders do a common mistake; you should take some rest in between. Also you should know when to stop. Whenever you give time for muscles to rest, you give the muscles chance to grow and improve.

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