The economy is such that all age groups are finding it hard to find jobs. Employers in all sectors have had to cut back their hiring and in many cases they are laying off workers. In fact, this is what is happening in the companies that are fortunate to be able to stay in business, as many companies have had to close their doors completely.

Summer is right around the corner and that is a time when many teenagers and college students look for jobs. This year will be no different and there may actually be more people looking than in year’s prior. This is because money is hard to come by now and getting a job may be the only way for students to get by.

A summer job is something that also goes a long way towards keeping teens out of trouble. Kids that are 15, 16, and 17 need something to do and a job will keep them occupied and is productive. If they don’t get a job, not only will they not be able to make any much needed spending money, but they might also find they have too much time on their hands. Kids with too much time has never been a good combination as a fair percent of them will find themselves bored and that is when they start to get into trouble.

This summer, if jobs continue to be hard to get, teens will probably be left out as they are the ones with the fewest skills and the least experience. If these teens are left alone without parental supervision and without a job, we might have a problem this summer with kids getting into trouble all across the country. When you think of jobs and the unemployment rate, you usually only think of it in terms of how it affects adults. This summer though, could be a bad one and we might see first hand that unemployment and a scarcity of jobs affects teenagers too.

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10 Online JOBS For TEENAGERS - Rated PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)!

These are some of the top and legit ways teens can earn online. Please, please seek your Guardian or Parental Guidance!

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1. Freelance online
2. Customer Service
2. Social Media
3.Paid Surveys
4. Reward Sites
5.Tutor Online
6. Direct Sales
7.Reviewing Music

10 Online Teen Jobs:

For many of these jobs you will need Paypal.This is where your parent or guardian permission comes into play:)

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