Invariably the most sensational claims are those that are deduced from various annual horoscopes. As for the current year running in Horoscope 2012, the common predictions on which all classes of astrology see common ground are unfortunately not very promising. From an outright prediction of global catastrophe to dwindling fortunes of financial times, they have covered it all. As numerology also consists an integral portion of the astrological syndrome the summation of most permutations and combinations leading up to the year 2012 is again nothing great to talk about. So in short and simple this might just be the year we have all been waiting for, or better said dreading for!

In an era where fluctuating financial times are quite the norm and no level of assurance seems just enough for a level headed year ahead, the predictions of the Horoscope 2012 have nothing much positive to talk about the year ahead. At its best, the invaluable advice can be interpreted as to keeping the fingers crossed into guessing just the exact direction where the markets might venture into. Since practically more than half the globe is connected directly or indirectly to the share and stock markets this is already a cause for great worry and anxiety.

The next important spheres where the predictions of any Horoscope 2012 can have a far reaching effect are the world political stage. Although nothing concrete has yet been announced (which is quite a norm when it comes to actual names or dates) as far as the immediate future of a host of international issues are concerned. As they have been brewing for quite some time now, there are high chances of tension springing up rather soon than at some distance. In such a case, any future intimation from the gamut of the seers into the future can be quite a handful!

Next in line with the sensational predictions for Horoscope 2012 are the tall claims of the world nearing its end by the end of this calendar year? No surprise really as some renowned astrologer in some corner of the earth always seems to come up with a similar claim at the beginning of every January. However to make things more interesting, the date finalized is what makes it even more gripping. The coincidental date of 12/12/12 is the dreaded date for one last redemption of sorts. It’s a difficult ask to actually side by one of these astrologers. Though history opines that on and off they have hit the bull’s eye.