The internet has changed just about everything in our lives including the lives that we live at home.  No longer is it just good enough to come home from a day at work or school and spend a nice quiet evening with the family. These days, someone is likely to be streaming a television show, someone else will be online and another person downloading music. These days it is all about having family time while trying to navigate the digital world that demands so much of our attention at the same time.  Here is a look at how the internet has affected our home life.


We may want to blame the high obesity rate in this country on the fact that we don’t eat right, but that can actually be made easier thanks to the fact that we live a sedentary lifestyle in front of a computer screen.  It is now easier than ever to park ourselves in front of the screen and either watch TV or look up how we should be exercises and promise ourselves that we will start our workout regiment next week.  Of course, we can also get bigger as well by ordering food right from our laptops.  All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse in order to have a fresh pizza or even your groceries waiting on you in a matter of minutes. 


Having the internet in the home has also resulted in a whole new world for parents to worry about.  It used to be parents only had to teach their children to by wary of strangers in the real world.  However, parents must now also keep an eye on the digital world and be vigilant in making sure that their children do not stray into a website that they should not be on and chatting with those that they don’t know.  Of course, having the internet has also helped to bring families together by allowing members to see each other through Skype and other programs. 


Parents must also be wary of the computer games that their children may sign on to play.  Gone are the days of Mrs. Pacman and today’s games tend to be much more violent.  While the debate continues as to whether these games can actually harm children, parents must still monitor the games and how much time their kids spend on them.


While we more than likely will have a lot of books in our house to look at, chances are we are now reading those same books online. Of course, the internet has also made it much easier for children to get their research projects done and we are no longer limited to what is in the World Book Encyclopedia. 


Recipes which used to be highly guarded family secrets are now just as likely to be found on the internet as our own stained family cookbooks.  No longer do we have to stare blankly into the fridge trying to figure out what to have for dinner.  Now all we have to do is log onto the internet using the computer in the refrigerator and dinner will be ready in no time flat.

Brent Johnson