Not many people like working in an office. Some who, in the spirit of decency, will not be named here, get their kicks in bossing other people around, forcing others to shoulder their personal issues, or buy Girl Scout cookies from their kids. The character Michael, played so brilliantly by Steve Carrell in The Office, comes to mind. Others simply take pleasure in irritating the hell out of anyone who just wants to do their work, collect a check, and go home. If you’re actually doing your job, you’re most at risk.

You, like many others, may dream of a life lived at your own pace. You may realize the potential of the web, but not know how to get started. You know you need a web site, but may not have any idea how to advertise it without going broke. It’s possible that you don’t even know what you’d do at home, other than watching television and trying to get motivated.

I can offer the following help. This list of the five most profitable home-based businesses will not only get you started towards that stream of passive income you may be seeking, or a life completely devoid of that non-dairy creamer-hogging neophyte in the next cubicle, who seems to always get promoted one step ahead of you.

In no particular order, they are:

1. eBay Businesses

Ebay has been around for a decade now (hard to believe, isn’t it?), and shows no signs of slowing down. Wherever there’s a seller with a rare poker-playing dogs painting by an obscure artist, there’s a buyer scouring the web for just such a bounty. Getting started is as simple as opening a seller’s account with eBay and starting a similar account with PayPal (to collect all that wonderful income, instantly!).

2. Virtual Assistants

This field is becoming more and more popular as office and healthcare costs soar. Most small businesspeople need administrative help, but on a limited basis. Virtual assistants can charge an average of $ 35 per hour for basic administrative tasks such as typing and transcription, data entry and light accounting. Because the small business owner only needs to hire the virtual assistant for a few hours at a time, both parties make out very nicely, thank you very much. High-speed Internet access, a reliable computer and fax set-up gets you started towards making that six-figure income that can keep you in the style to which you’re about to become accustomed.

3. Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers are always in need, especially for the small business owner. Designing corporate logos, brochures, direct mailing pieces, and even large-scale presentation aids like boards and Powerpoint slides can generate a great deal of business when you know where to locate your best customers, as well as how to cultivate those relationships. A computer, design experience and appropriate software (PhotoShop, Adobe Acrobat/Creator, Quark and others) is all it takes to let your creativity start guiding your life.

4. Computer Consultants

As with graphic designers, there is an enormous need for freelance computer consultants in the small business market. Designing and building web sites is always in demand, as is computer repair, software design, installation and help with the decision-making process.

5. Crafts

This may be the most creatively rewarding of the home-based business, and one we all wonder about. Can it make me enough money to live on? Could I really quit my day job is I made by unusual wire sculptures, or semi-precious stone jewelry? In between those flights of worry, you may still be making your sculptures and jewelry, so why not sell it in smaller quantities? Listings on eBay are cheap enough. All you need is an account and a digital camera to take pictures of your wares.

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