There are a few steps that all home based internet marketing businesses have to follow in order to make money online. Once you have purchased your domain name for that website you now have to host it somewhere. What is web hosting and how do you choose a web host and the plan that is right for you? That’s what I’ll cover in this article.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is kind of like having a PO Box. When people are on the internet searching for your website they will type in your domain name, right? Well, just like the Post Office needs to have an address and an actual location to deliver your mail, you need to have a place for people to actually go to find your website.

So if you think about the domain name kind of like your street address, then the hosting is like your mailbox! Without the host you will not actually be visible to anyone out there.

Choosing a web hosting company

There are lots of different web hosting services out there. The one that I use is Host Gator, but you might prefer a different one. When you look at web hosting companies be sure they have a good customer support system–if you are having trouble finding how to contact their customer support then I suggest you look at a different company.

Different types of services

Most web hosting companies will offer a variety of services. In addition to web hosting they might have reseller hosting services and dedicated servers. You are just looking at basic web hosting.

Different types of plans

There will be a variety of plans available to you. Host Gator has kind of cute names like “hatchling” and “baby” for their plans. Other companies may call theirs “silver” or “gold” or other similar names. They are all referring to the level of service that is available within that plan. The lowest level being the most basic plan and then they move up to more services with increased prices.

Choosing the right plan

In most cases the Disk Space and Bandwidth for all the plan options is “unlimited” which is good.

Domains allowed is a key point, usually for the smallest plan you are allowed to have one domain name linked to that plan. For the other plans you can have unlimited domain names and that is what you want. Look for the cheapest plan that gives you unlimited domain names.

Since you already bought your domain name when you set up your account you will be using an existing domain name, not registering a new domain. You can register domain names through many of the hosting companies, but they are typically more expensive that way, so I don’t recommend it.

Follow the directions to set up your order. You can save a few dollars if you pay the annual rate, but you can also pay monthly for slightly more.

Remember to write down your username and password information because you are going to need it.

That’s it for now! It takes a little while for your hosting account to be set up. You will get a couple of emails from your web host verifying they got your order and giving you other important information so be sure to hang on to all those emails!

You have now set up your web hosting and your home based internet marketing businesses are getting closer and closer to going live!

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