Home based business should be real home based business.Some MLM companies claims they are doing home based business but they are not.Those who do home based business should stay in house and doing the business.The best home based business is internet business.If you have computer in house with internet access with good speedIf you have internet surfing knowledge,If you have interest in doing internet business,You are qualified. Here I’m talking about internet business which make many rich people that is affiliate marketing.This is the current and future business trend. I’m giving basic knowledge of how this business works.There are a lot of companies (vendor) want to sell their product and services through internet.But their exposure is not good enough to bring traffic to their website.There are companies (administrative agent) which helping to sell their product by gaining commission. Vendors are registering at administrative agents website.Administrative agent also need people to promote the products of vendor which has been registered in their website.Here AFFILIATES roles beginWe register as AFFILIATES at administrative agents website using paypal. No need to pay anything.AFFILIATE choose 1 or few  products ( from thousands) to promote.Administrative agents will give link for that product.This link will direct anyone who click, to the vendors website BUT with AFFILIATES link.When the person been to vendors site, and buy product using credit card or paypal, AFFILIATES will get commission.

It’s a good commission. From 45% – 85%.

  AFFILIATES important task is to promote the link.AFFILIATES can promote using various engine submission2. Add in directories3. Add in classifieds4. Opt-In E-mailers ( send 1000 e-mails at once ( no spam))5. Writing articles6.Commenting on blogs.All this methods are charged or not charged. To learn how to go through all the way until begin to make money without charge, AFFILIATES need a good teacher.Here I would like to suggest the best website which teaching methods to do this business.They are giving step by step guidelines with pictures for good understanding.Once AFFILIATES follow completely what they have said, AFFILIATES will begin to make money.In their website, they call this business as GLOBAL DATA ENTRY. Global data entry part 1 will teach  from how to register paypal account until getting a AFFILIATE links.Global data entry part 2 will teach about how to promote links in most effective way with NO CHARGE. Perfect guidelines.They are teaching other data entry methods too which close to traditional data entry.They have perfect experience in doing this business.They will reply mail within 24 hours.So, if anyone wants to do internet business, get the best teacher first, and of course with cheapest price.Visit the best teachers website through one of this link below,

I’m Shanmuganandan, currently working in OSIOptoelectronics jb,Malaysia as an engineer. Now I’m interested in affiliate marketing and begin to make money.