High speed internet connection is often referred to as Broadband Services. In other words, in these types of Internet connections, there is always a high data rate that connects online at a faster speed compared to a narrowband line or where dial up modems are used.

The usual bitrate of dial up or narrowband internet lines is 60 kbit/s which is much lower than high speed Internet. Moreover, when you use a dial up connection, your telephone line always gets occupied. In other words, you can’t use your telephone line and your Internet line at the same time unlike a high speed Internet connection. There has been a series of minimum bandwidths which have been used to set up or offer broadband services for one and all which ranges from 64 kbit/s upstream to 4.0 Mbit/s downstream.

Any “Basic Broadband” or high speed Internet connection provides data transmission speed for up to 4 megabits p/s downstream i.e. when the user downloads any programs to his computer from online. However, the speed of the broadband or high speed Internet varies from place to place as it depends on factors like the distance of the installed device from the central office or the DSLAM.

The different rates of data transmission refer indirectly to the maximum download owing to the network as well as the server conditions. This, in turn has differential impact upon the maximum speed which can be obtained in case of a broadband connection or a high speed Internet. The term high speed internet is better explained when considered in terms of high data transmission rates. Generally, any high speed Internet connection of 256 kbit/s or much greater than that is to fall under the category of high speed Internet or broadband connection.

According to the International Telecommunication Union Standardization Sector, a value of I.113 has been called and marked as a high speed internet or broadband transmission capacity. This is said to be faster than the ISDN primary rates which generally runs in between a value of 1.5 to 2 Mbit/s. Although, the recommended value is seldom reached at certain remote areas where high speed internet is the need of the hour, there has been no such official baseline value to which one and all services operates. Also, the industry hasn’t specified any particular value for the bitrate transmission rates which has been a boon to many thriving broadband services provider. Read more about high speed internet at Technology reviews India.

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