Out of all of the most high performance batteries the 18650 battery is one of the most popular. This is mainly so due to various reasons. Some of this includes the fact that the 18650 battery has extremely new and unique features. In addition the 18650 battery also has PCB integration for protection purposes.

The 18650 battery make use of Lithium Ion. These batteries can easily be recharged and used when the power dies out. They are cylindrical in shape and have a flat top terminal. The additional PCB internal protection found in this 18650 battery as earlier mentioned is quite useful since it helps protect this batteries from under voltage at 2.5V or over –voltage of up to 4.25V. For optimum performance it is necessary to ensure that the voltage currents are just right.

The effectiveness of the 18650 battery can also be seen in the fact this batteries have high energy density and less weight when compared to most other rechargeable batteries. The higher energy density helps to ensure that there is a much better lift compared to other batteries. The 18650 battery has been produced under the ISO9001 – 2000 certification. This is a direct confirmation of the high quality of these batteries.

Before a battery can be deemed satisfactory and effective they have to go through battery testing. For purposes of transparency and credibility a specific body was created in order to perform these duties. This body is known as the International Electro technical Commission.  After testing a battery can either get a positive or negative feedback. 18650 battery went through exhaustive tests and passed in terms of its capacity, quality as well as durability.

The 18650 battery has the capacity to effectively light up a device that uses up to 3.7 V. The 18650 battery is quite effective making it one of the most suitable to come up with a portable gadget which would require high energy density and low weight.

The rechargeable factor has made these batteries the most suitable when trying to minimize and control the operational costs of flashlights that are powered by lithium. This is because you will not have to buy a new battery each time the power dies out, all you will have to do is recharge the battery and continue using it. This particular type of battery is mostly suitable for single cell application otherwise the PCB will not be effective.

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