Editor’s Note : Through the firewall and other equipment, we can resist the external network attacks, behavior management system through the Internet, policy routing, we can through the gateway of the application and traffic management, but for the terminal device within the network, how will we?

In the current network management, attention is often outside the network intrusion, attack, and applications through the gateway, traffic monitoring and management, and for terminal equipment within the network, but turn a blind eye, and this situation, and to hide all kinds of hidden dangers

Not long ago, the United States FBI survey on 484 companies. Internal face of security threats from the 85% loss by the Internal security reasons. For many units, this may be a bit sensational, but it is a fact. For example, by USB flash disk, important company confidential information is intentionally or unintentionally, the external communication; probably because of the company’s internal network access to the outside of a notebook computer, and allow the company the more important information disclosure; often because of a computer patches while the system is not installed in the strokes, thereby affecting the entire network of ……

Problems within the network terminal is a ghost?

Above-mentioned, the main terminal is carried around the corporate network. This is not an individual problem, but a class of phenomena, we can sum up into the following categories of the more obvious problems:

Illegal host access With an internal office network, the protection of illegal host access is very difficult, IP address, use the confusion, can not effectively manage the IP address control. When a foreign host access, the access will only be required on the internal network IP address to detect, can easily be connected to the internal network, internal office networks pose a serious threat.

Host illegal Outreach For the classified network, the internal host is allowed access to the Internet, but can not prevent some users by way of dial-up or other ways to connect to the external network, once the machine is controlled by an attacker, then the whole Our internal network will be fully exposed.

Offline storage device leakage management Off anti-leak management of storage devices focused on a variety of mobile storage devices, printers and other equipment, anti-leak management, including mobile hard disk, mobile U disk, IDE hard drives and other means of communication.

Unprotected internal host their own Often, many computer terminals of the patch can not be updated in time, which left a huge opportunity for the attacker, they can use the system’s own vulnerability to attack on the system, steal important information in the file system.

Generally speaking, most security products are only from outside intrusion. Against the invasion from the outside, has a large number of sophisticated security products to guard against, but the internal security threats and risks, but rarely noticed, or have noticed, but there is no perfect security products and product solutions to enterprises internal security issues.

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