Winter has been to, bacteria,


Cabinet appliance race debut show their skills. Recently, the domestic


Appliance giant Herbalife strike out, to a by the industry as “intelligent and humane” classic integration “


Beautiful “type all purification and disinfection cabinet quickly landed the domestic kitchen appliance market. Cikuan” all clean “disinfection cabinet can make an appointment with the human energy-saving design, multiple thorough sterilization effect, beautiful appearance will set off a national” security appliances to the use of required savings, the health effects of weight, kitchen, become beautiful, “Cyclones popular modern kitchen.

Learned that winter, the temperature dropped, the body resistant to decline, after a summer of consumption, body


Function gradually decreased, intestinal disease and subsequent reduced, coupled with high consumption of cold food, can easily lead to the respiratory tract, gastroenteritis, bacterial infection,


And other diseases.


To remind consumers: Winter should pay attention to


The use of safety and food hygiene.

Boss as a sterilizer industry, Herbalife launched the high and low temperature embedded ZTP80E-10P tableware sterilizing cabinet, not only the continuation of the Herbalife has consistently advocated the “science and technology + practical” function concept, focusing more on Disinfection cabinets safety, sterilization and humane, and beautiful living raise. According to Herbalife R & D personnel, and compared to the previous sterilizer, the sterilizer this new use of advanced high-temperature embedding cabinet foaming technology, innovation in


Drying system, balanced temperature control systems and hierarchical design, not only good solution was sterilized cupboard cabinet prone to uneven temperature, dishes easily damaged and secondary pollution, but also can be integrated into the reservation, security , energy saving, high-capacity consumer demand and some people close to the human intelligent design. Its hierarchical design can meet the multiple needs of consumers, the upper with ozone, ultraviolet light, the temperature triple sterilization, suitable for



Items, which are not completely heat sterilization, while fresh, and lower the heat sterilization, drying, and can completely kill the bacteria on the utensils. This cabinet is not only E. coli was disinfected, and more security considerations, it is, the lower all-fire-retardant foam layer, to effectively prevent the temperature variation caused by the dangers, and its special high-temperature smart lock, to prevent high-temperature burn, so that the use of disinfecting cabinet is more safe and reliable.


States United States



The work of the personnel, now home to buy disinfection cabinet, features more than just their consideration, and stylish looks are also worthy of attention, but more and more popular. Many buyers response, Herbalife’s high-brightness Symphony intelligent digital display, it is suitable for the modern kitchen, while it

Stainless steel


Leave no fingerprints, can be kept clean and beautiful appearance, but also very attractive.

Recently, lack of a unified market for the sterilizer control problem, the relevant state departments of joint disinfector manufacturers of “tableware sterilizing cabinet safety and health requirements” mandatory national standards for re-adjustment, not new the specification and classification, model name, the provisions of terms and definitions, etc., but also involves the safety and health of users of ozone leakage protection devices, sterilization cabinet stars made applicable standards specified. Future product manufacturers must comply with the provisions of the new standards, or they will lose out.

Insiders pointed out that in the major industrial companies to avoid the crisis, have Paohuo, wait and see when Herbalife first to respond to national call, launched by the new national standard variety of high technical content, practical and safe disinfection cabinet new products This not only provides for other manufacturers to upgrade the technical lead product model, but also improve product quality, standard disinfection cabinet market


Also has great significance in promoting. At the same time, their products can be new appointments to eliminate secondary pollution, etc., functional applications, and landscaping will help to disinfect the kitchen counters the effect of a single feature out of an awkward position, to the multi-functional, high quality, intelligent, beautiful and of direction .


Bird flu

The spread of the virus in some countries, this, the community continued to act infected people to lend a helping hand, Nov. 10, through the China Guangdong Herbalife Electric Co., Ltd.

Red Cross

Will happen to our country

Bird flu

Area donated 51 units worth 10 million disinfection cabinet, to support the fight against bird flu frontline medical personnel.

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