Herbalife has providing nutrition, weight management and personal care products to the public since 1980 and are currently doing business in 73 countries.  For a company to be in business for over 30 years, the products they offer obviously provide value to the masses.

And with the health and wellness industry predicted to reach an astounding one trillion dollars, the demand for Herbalife’s products is ever increasing.

So why then do so many distributors find it difficult to grow a successful Herbalife business?  For the most part it’s because the marketing strategies they have been using have become stale and outdated. 

Society has changed dramatically in the past ten years, and both the neighborhoods and malls as we know them have gone online. Millions of people are online daily connecting with others and buying products and services at their leisure.

For this reason alone marketing to friends and family has become a futile effort for many.   Fortunately, technology has also provided many possibilities for today’s distributor to adapt to these societal changes and capitalize on the use of technology in their businesses.  

Looking at every person you meet as a possible sale no longer has to be a way of life!  Strategies like defining your target market and having the ability to talk with people who are already interested in what you have to offer are now the norm for distributors who have the skill set to leverage technology.

With the proper use of technology, you could have 5, 10, 30 even 50 people reaching out to you every day for the solutions you can offer them.  Imagine how adding even one new person to your business every week would impact your life.  By utilizing the internet, the telephone and the written word you can add as many people as you like and grow the business of your dreams.

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