Herbalife a global nutrition company that really seems to care about helping people with their lifestyles either to build their own home based business or to improve or keep their good health and fitness. I for one was very impressed when checking out the company website to find the amount of information included just for tips on health, diet & fitness, and recipes. Herbalife goes over and above on information for a healthy lifestyle instead of just pushing their products.

A little about the basics of this mlm company it was started in 1980 and as of 2009 boasts 2.1 million independent distributors in 73 countries and had $ 3.7 billion in world wide sales. You can start your own Herbalife business for as little as $ 40.00 in initial costs or you can join at a higher level depending upon your goals and ambitions. Evaluate what your own personal goals are before you decide at what level would be the best for you sign up. Some people are just looking for a small retail business with a few friends and reletives and that is something available to you but the retail sales area is not where a new distributor can create a large income. If you are looking to start a business and build a substantial income building the multi-level part of the company is what the serious business owner has to do.

The Herbalife company seems to have a great line of products available to offer to the retail customer and to build a business with. Their line includes weight management, energy & fitness, targeted nutrition for men, women, and children, personal care for skin & hair. There is training available for all distributors including calls, events, marketing materials & tools, and your own easy-to-use website. Combine the great products, the training available, the information to help everyone maintain a healthy lifestyle and the reputation of this long lived company and this may just be the opportunity for you.

Some home based businesses base their training on what many call the old school methods of recruiting new distributors like making a list of all your friends, family, and others that you went to school with or even some that you just sort of know and the start to call and make appointments to show your business. This method may work for a little while for some or not at all for others. What do you do when you run out of your warm market? Some people try buying leads but they are often old leads that are no longer viable. There are many new methods to help you build your Herbalife business that are not covered in the company training whether they don’t know about them or just choose not to train the new distributors with the newer techniques I don’t know. Now is the time to learn the techniques that are used by the truely successful mlm business owners. Click the link below to learn more on how to you can build your Herbalife business today.

Lori Giffey is an online marketing coach and mlm business owner who is looking forward to helping you build your business today. Click the link HERBALIFE SUCCESS to breathe new life into your Herbalife business and start you personal journey to success today.