As we face one of the most challenging economic downturns in recent years, many businesses, institutions and individuals will have change forced upon them by these recessionary circumstances. In this article, the author presents some of the reasons why the opportunity for home-based internet marketing businesses is greater today than it has ever been.

Families are dealing with circumstances that for most people have never been encountered before. People are being laid off in large numbers and domestic household incomes are under severe pressure as redundancies, cost-reductions and pay-cuts take hold. One consequence of this is that families and individuals are looking for ways to either supplement household incomes or, as is more often the case, people are looking to fundamentally change how they live, work, earn and grow. And herein lies the incredible opportunity behind the explosive growth of internet technologies.

Why is it that building a career and a lifestyle around a home-based internet business is so positive?

In the first instance, having a second income stream into a family’s domestic budget can be seen as an extremely valuable insurance tactic. The additional income from a home-based business can ultimately replace the main income stream in time, but in the short-term, it can be the source of income that covers the cost of either the mortgage, the car purchase, the school fees, or the vacation. So it acts as a supplementary insurance protector in these tough times.

There are other powerful reasons why the internet opportunity today is ore exciting now than at any stage in history.

The power, technological sophistication and global reach of the web. With the recent advent of web 2.0 platforms, the integration and extension of sophisticated communications media has enabled millions of people to gain access to web-based resources like never before. One key characteristic of this has been the explosion of social media applications, like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, which have created global communities that are connected in a way seemingly impossible a few years ago. The potential here therefore, for commerce and trade, has driven the growth in online and internet marketing systems, opening vast potential to a global audience.
Access to almost infinite resources. One of the consequences of the technological advances detailed above is that media, information, knowledge and insight is now accessible through your web connection, be it via your computer or hand-held device. This has resulted in the ability for anyone with a reasonable connection to carry out research, learning and knowledge gathering, irrespective of experience, background or education.

On the back of these fundamental shifts in technology, data-access and the universal availability of knowledge, an entire new economy is emerging providing a rich seam of opportunity for anyone committed to a life in online marketing. The time is certainly now.

To your success.

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