Okay everybody, have your credit card handy because you’re about to get rich quick and make money fast online….uhhhh….well not quite. When you hear the words get rich quick or make money fast online you should probably hit the scam alert button, because you are in dangerous territory. You know the saying “there is a sucker born every minute”, well it’s true and the only way that scam artists make money is because there are so many suckers.

So, what is a sucker. Well, actually suckers have a certain characteristic and usually it is that they want something for nothing. Suckers will fall prey to advertisements which promise easy money, fast money, no work involved, and a life filled with fast cars and beautiful women. Of course the reason these people never find any success, is not because they are suckers, its because of the qualities that make them suckers: namely that they are lazy and are not willing to work for their riches.

Virtually anyone with average intelligence can earn money online with internet marketing if they possess the desire to work hard and if they get some training first. There just is no easy way to get rich quick without doing some work, and knowing what you are doing. Stop believing all those ads about guys who were living with their parents and then suddenly they found a “secret” and they made a million dollars a few months later. Not only that..but they now want to “share” the secret with you for only $ 39.95. The “secret” is that they found a bunch of suckers.

Look, there are legitimate home businesses and internet marketing companies, but if you are new to the business you’re going to have to get training regardless of what business you join. In other words, even if the company is legitimate, you will still need to know what to do and that comes with training. Don’t be a sucker who wants something for nothing because those are the people who believe that you can get rich quick and make money fast online. Issue a scam alert when you hear that kind of language in any advertisement. Just do yourself a favor and get training or coaching first, and you will have a much better opportunity of earning money on the internet.

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