Have you ever felt like you work so hard and get so little recognition and even less pay? That’s how I used to feel. Even though I used to have a great job title as a sales exec I used to feel way over worked and way under paid. All that changed about 6 months ago when I decided to give up a 50k salary with great benefits for the opportunity that I felt was right for me. Needless to say I’m happy with the decision I made. That decision allowed me to start several small businesses with the fruits of that labor beginning to come to fruition.

Long before I landed that what I used to consider a sweet job I was in college going to school and struggling to do well because of that desire to want to party all the time and not study. However I was able to make it through college and graduate. About 6 months after graduation I landed a great position for a big company. Initially I liked what I did and the benefits but that soon faded away to all the work I was doing and my inability to accept the fact that I was bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars for the corporation and getting little to nothing for it in my compensation package. The thought of that alone and the constant daily grind of seeing sales numbers would soon force me into action.

So I began to do research online for opportunities that would match my personal criteria of: Could I see myself doing this, how feasible is this and lastly would I be okay with letting friends and family know what I was doing with this new business venture? This process would take quite sometime for me because I had to sort through what I considered a lot of junk and I had to make sure the financial investment was one I could afford to make and still survive. Eventually through no fault of my own, I was able to find information onĀ a reputableĀ Internet marketing company. I read through it’s literature and watched some videos and found it to be quite intriguing. It seemed to match all the criteria I set out for a home business and it cleared with the Better Business Bureau. So I chose to enter in my information and within hours received an email and a personal phone call inviting me to listen in on a phone conference call.

I found that information to be insightful and with a little self-exploration I chose to take the action. Moreover, I’m very excited with the move I made especially since I was able to get over self doubt and the feeling that everyone goes through which says “Am I making the right decision?” I was absolutely right. So if your having that feeling of wanting to venture out on your own but not by yourself then take the action because I did and I’m very happy with the decision I made.

I am a young Entrepreneur who is here to provide some personal insight on varying topics ranging from entrepreneurship to reviews on topics of my liking. I enjoy voicing an opinion on a topic and then engaging in some form of dialogue with others to encourage debate. Please feel free to leave a response to any of my articles. If you’re an Entrepreneur at heart as well you might find my website provides great entrepreneurial information and might just enable you to do the same as I. http://bestwealthcreators.com

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