As you start or grow your internet marketing business, make it a priority to master the following skills in order to get faster results and join the ranks of Elite Online Entrepreneurs rather quickly.

1. Search. Search is the KING of marketing strategies. It generates more leads than any other marketing strategy but can be costly if not mastered and used effectively. If you master Search as an internet marketer, you have 90% the tools you need to make money online no matter what business you are with because you then have the knowledge to attract the right customers to your site. If you master search (Google or Bing… for now); you write your own ticket for life!

2. Email Marketing. Email marketing is the next step in converting your leads from prospects to actual customers in internet marketing. The stronger your copywriting is, the stronger you email marketing will be. And copywriting is the art (& science) of using words to promote an idea, business, product etc…in a way that moves your readers to take a specific action. Mastering search will bring you the leads but until you can engage those leads and turn them into paying customers, you will have no business. So, copywriting is the key to monetize your online business.

3. Social media. While email marketing will help you engage the lead that search brought to you, social media will help bring “YOU” to your prospect. It will help you brand yourself. Your prospects will get to know you and will grow to feel like they know you, like you and trust you (or not…depending on how well and authentic you are in your social media) and that will take them a step closer to you on their buying process. Remember people only buy from people they like, trust and feel that they know. And in this age, there is no better way to bring YOU to your prospects than Social Media. This is nowhere truer than in internet marketing because people will buy YOU as the leader, the sponsor because they like you and trust you before they buy your product, service or system.

4. Websites/ Domain Names. Your website is your real estate on the world wide web. Right now, it costs about $ 10 to get that real estate; I highly doubt that domain names will remain that cheap for very long. As you rush out to get your domain name, choose a name that reflects your site or business because now that people turn to the internet for information, it pays to have a relevant domain name; particularly if you are using search to drive your traffic.

Eliane Kabwa
Internet Marketer & Marketing Coach