Business options

There are quite a few good possibilities for cosmetic laser deals, and different approaches to suit your business model and operational needs. Better still, there are some actual cost saving options which are invaluable for keeping outlays firmly under control. You can actually match your business needs to your equipment needs.

The best approach is to structure your outlays relative to your business. This ensures good financial controls, and also allows you a surprisingly large range of choices.

Buying laser equipment

This is a good option for businesses with high levels of demand. You can own your equipment outright in a single purchase, with warranty, and lock in servicing with the supplier. This is quick, efficient, and barely scratches the budget.

This option may not, however, suit startup businesses. The outlays involved might be a financial over-commitment, putting strain on a business trying to get established. For suggestions about business options for startups, see Renting laser equipment, below.


A further advantage when dealing with the major laser suppliers is that you can also get training. This training is a very valuable service to all laser cosmetic businesses. Most importantly it allows your staff to get direct hands-on experience of the equipment on which theyll be working. They become fluent in the use of the equipment, and therefore more productive.

This service is also extremely valuable when upgrading your equipment, reducing downtime and ensuring staff get full spectrum training on all aspects of the equipment. If youre starting a new service, in particular, or expanding your range of treatments, this training is crucial.

Renting laser equipment

Renting is a very good option for sole operators and particularly new startup businesses. Renting allows you the use of the latest, top of the range equipment, with support and training. The outlays are much lower, and can be fitted in to suit your budget easily. You can have a brand new Palomar platform ready to operate almost immediately.

Another advantage of renting is that you have full backup from your supplier. For startups, this is a very valuable business relationship which takes the sting out of potentially difficult, and sometimes costly, downtime and loss of business. The best suppliers know the problems and wont need to be told what you need.

The best thing about these possibilities is that you can cost all your options, literally to the cent, right from the start. Youll also find that your suppliers can work with you to get the best, most cost-effective options for your business.

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