RevvNRG is a new MLM home based business opportunity in the nutritional supplement/super juice niche. Theyve already actually had their first National Convention in Vegas and I cannot find any decent, unbiased reviews of RevvNRG anywhere. I know that there might be some of you out there who are looking to join so I wanted to write an expert RevvNRG Review for you to arm you with all the facts that you need to make an educated decision. Also, I want to let you know if you can make any money with a RevvNRG business.

What The Heck Is RevvNRG?

RevvNRG is an MLM company, founded by Scotty Paulson, that is doing something really cool. They are donating a portion of their profits to rain-forest conservation a worthwhile cause in my opinion. Of course, since its a private company we probably will never know how much a portion actually is.

In doing a Google search, it appears that RevvNRG was a product under Scott Paulsons Alive Worldwide company that Scotty has taken and launched an entire company around.

The main product is a natural energy exotic juice and tea blend. According to the website, through a unique formulation of exotic fruits, vitamins, and teas, you will enjoy a tremendous boost of energy without the crash while building your bodys natural defenses and ability to combat stress. Honestly, you probably already know how I feel about MLM company products. I view them as secondary to the business opportunity. They might be great and they might not. Its up to you to decide.

You can join RevvNRG at various membership levels. These range from the Starter Pack at $ 159 to the Mega Grandfather Pack at $ 1199 to get started. The higher level you join at, the more money you CAN make in the bonus pools. You can visit the corporate website to review the comp plan in detail.

To me, the compensation plan looks like its potentially lucrative if you know how to to build an MLM business and how to recruit a large number of people into your downline.

From everything that I can tell, RevvNRG is not a scam and Scotty Paulson appears to be a legitimate businessman who has years of experience successfully running MLM businesses. As with any MLM, RevvNRG will have its naysayers and it is definitely in a very competitive niche. Only time will tell whether this business is able to survive and grow long-term.

I believe that a serious home based business entrepreneur can earn a substantial income from a RevvNRG business. The problem is that most people who get started with a home based business are not marketers and theyll eventually quit because their business isnt growing the way that they thought it would. The average network marketer stays with a business opportunity for about 3 months and brings in 2.3 people. Obviously, this is a recipe for disaster!

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