Your real estate agent should be one of your most trusted confidants. Not only do they help you buy or sell property, they handle various aspects of your life. To get the most out of your relationship with your agent, follow these four tips.

Do Your Homework

When looking for an agent, find someone with experience. Ask other homeowner friends or business associates for a referral. You want someone that you can build a trusting relationship with because they will be handling your most precious financial asset – your home.

What are your expectations?

After hiring your agent, you want to sit down and spell out your expectations. Your agent wants to keep you satisfied and will work hard to do that. They don’t earn a commission until you buy or sale a home so they want you to be happy throughout the whole process. Be sure you are clear about your expectations so they can adapt to your needs. Do you want to be contacted by email or cell phone? What is your timeframe – do you need to sell or buy within a month? Do you want to be present during showings or can the agent show your house without your presence? By knowing what is expected from each party, everything will flow smoothly throughout the process.

Communication is imperative.

It is extremely important for clients to communicate with their agents and vice versa. There is no such thing as too much communication when are buying or selling.
Remember – the communication should be on both ends. The agent should be available to during reasonable hours and return calls promptly. The client should return the agents phone calls within a timely manner as well. With that being said, there should be two points of communication. The first is specific to real estate activity like showings, property feedback, making offers, and receiving offers. The second is periodic check-ins between the agent and the client whether or not a specific activity is happening. If there haven’t been showings or offers on the property, the agent should call the client anyway. Any issues can be overcome early with frequent communication.

Under promise and over deliver.

This means doing what you say you’re going to do and also do something extra. If your agent requests information from you, provide it within the expected date. Your agent should also be accountable on their end. Most transactions are time sensitive, so staying in touch with your agent and providing documents in a timely manner are crucial to an efficacious relationship and a successful closing.

Finally, once you have established your relationship, it’s vital to keep that relationship up. Your real estate agent has their finger on the pulse of the market. They know when it’s a good time to buy or sell and when mortgage rates are at their best. Keep your agent on speed dial, as you never know when you’ll need them.

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