For many folk the idea of having a cinema in your own home is the ultimate in luxury and high living.  But many don’t perhaps realise how achievable this dream actually is these days.  This article covers the basics of how you should go about setting up a home cinema using the latest HD projector as the source of the image.  The process is comparatively simple and provided you make adequate preparation should not take too long to set up.

External light can make the projected image appear faded and difficult to see.  As a result you really should make sure that you are able to control the amount of external light entering the room you select to be your viewing arena.  This is often a basement, but can be any largish room, provided you have blinds or some form of blackout capability over the windows.

The equipment you need to purchase include an HD projector, of course, a screen that is able to be erected flat and wrinkle free and a DVD player or games console that is capable of playing DVD’s such as the Xbox 360.  The advantage of such a games console is that you can use the projector to project the games you are playing which will enhance your sense of being immersed within the game considerably.

You should also give some consideration to purchasing a sound system capable of producing surround sound.  This aspect is often overlooked, but is in many ways at least as important as the HD projector itself.  The lack of decent sound can significantly impair your enjoyment of a movie, perhaps more so than even a poor picture and since you are attempting to replicate a cinema type environment great sound is essential.

Once you have established the room and purchased the equipment the rest can be as complicated or straightforward as you like.  In simple terms you need a stand, or stable location for the HD projector and DVD player to sit.  It should be square onto the projecting surface to avoid any distortion.  You need to set up your projection screen in a suitable location that is not in the path of everyday household traffic.  You must optimise the distance between the HD projector and the screen to ensure the displayed image is suitable for both viewing pleasure and the room size.

Lastly arrange seating, put on a DVD and enjoy the film.  Refinements would include building in the HD projector stand, hiding wires and housing the screen, but these are not essential for use and largely depend upon your inclination and budget.

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