Tel Aviv is the gorgeous city and second largest city in Israel. Tel Aviv is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches since it is located on the shores of gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. It is a global city besides Barcelona and San Francisco. Due to beautiful constructions of Bauhaus structural buildings, the city was designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Tel Aviv is one of the famous tourist’s destinations, people from different countries visit this city because of its beaches and well polished city planning, huge skyscrapers, outstanding Bauhaus structural buildings and many other prehistoric attraction are all enclosed in this beautiful city. People of Israel value their traditions and culture, Tel Aviv is very modern and fashionable habitually compared with New York City, yet it values culture of ancient civilization and their traditions and follows the symbolic constructions, the city looks same as it is was recognised before although it is very posh and expensive. It is voted as 3rd “Hottest City”, 19th expensive city and 9th beautiful beach city in the world.

Established Hotel in Tel Aviv also spotlight on their passion but also follows the culture without any wavering and also they takes care of the guests and make them feel comfortable when they are staying in their hotel. The main schema of all these hotels is that giving highest comforts to visitors and make them feel at home when they came to visit their city.  The De La Mer Hotel in Tel Aviv is a tremendous hotel, very well designed and takes care of their guest by providing the comforting and peaceful atmosphere, the ambience exude the positive vibes from each and every corner of the hotel so the guests feel the vibrations and feel  very secure and stress-free. They designed the hotel according to the beliefs of ancient Chinese. The people in china believe that the Feng Shui style of beautification create right atmosphere when you place things at right position. Hotel in Tel Aviv respect this customs and tradition and take forward the inheritance of this established city.

The famous beach city invites people from neighbouring countries and overseas to visit this beautiful place. People who are tired of their routine life must take a break and come and visit this fabulous city to forget all their trouble and stress, and it is crystal-clear that it is going to be a the best experience, the beautiful beaches and sceneries of the city will make you come back again and again.

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