Establish a correct consumption opinion

Driven by a variety of construction projects and economic development of Guangdong Province, the construction machinery has been top industry in the nation, but the excavator market in the province is base on second-hands machine, the domestic brands excavator sales takes little propitiation in the province, what causes this situation? How do customers analyze the value of the product?
Buy second-hand excavator with consumer psychology. Earthwork construction, the budget is not high, and easy way to calculate the project the amount of outsourcing, major construction units have earthwork sub-contracted to private individuals, thus, the individual customer excavator market mainstream, according to statistics, the current domestic excavator market individual purchase customer accounted for more than 85%. Individual customers to purchase the excavator is totally the kind of investment behavior, and many short-term behavior, they place great emphasis on return on investment, just want to buy excavator as a tool to make money with low prices, imports of mobile phones cheap, after Seiko appearance after processing, to the middle of their purchase psychology. Combined with the technical content of excavator is relatively high, domestic customers and believe that the domestic excavator and imported machine, the quality gap, the existence of prejudice caused by the bias of purchases. Therefore, the excavator to be eliminated in the Guangdong Province adjacent to the Free Trade Area – Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Europe, the United States market a constant stream into the province, to form a second-hand excavator market in the Pearl River Delta Region, and radiation to the surrounding provinces and cities.
Formation of mobile phone market with customers does not know to analysis to product value. Excavator as a general applicability of the earthwork operating machinery plays an important role in the construction machinery industry in the world, is a high variety production and sales. Customers the ability to identify quality, environmental protection, spare parts, mobile phone imports do not see After the modified traces that only took one or two hundred thousand will be able to buy the same quality with the new domestic machine excavators, no thought of an equipment failure, how to deal with service issues, and bring hidden dangers to the quality of engineering construction, but also serious damage to the taste of Guangdong Province, urban construction, environmental protection, economic environment and their own economic interests. These customers do not seriously recognize the domestic excavator, do not understand the domestic machine with international procurement of parts, quality of products and foreign products were flat. From the source at the same level with the foreign brand of accessories such as a excavator selected international brands products, 3 1 excavator.
Normal market development excavator, needs maintenance and promotion of the industry as a whole, need to be consumers to establish a correct consumer psychology, the correct analysis of the product value, a correct understanding of the technology of domestic new machine stability, superior performance, support the national industry development of national enterprises, as well as urban construction, environmental protection and eliminate hidden dangers and make its own contribution.

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