The company, Emerald Passport, has been quite successful in doing business. The company has its headquarters in Panama and is reasonably well-known in the wealth creation and self development industry.  Emerald Passport is a direct marketing firm that people with a business platform so that they can attain financial success. The company has a very well developed and innovative website creating a good impression and earning goodwill for Emerald Passport. The website has a small, informative video elucidating how people joining the business will be benefited and also harps on the importance of sale.

The product line

The international firm, Emerald Passport provides for a range of products which can be divided broadly into two main categories. The phase one product is known as the Passport to Prosperity. It is promoted as a ‘Wealth and Success Education System.’ it is a wide range of educational products that impart the knowledge for seeking long-term financial and personal success. Many people find it difficult to deal with finances on their own to consolidate their financial health. Monitoring of personal wealth is never an easy task. The products teach people about different concepts in the financial sphere. The products contain exhaustive information to make you conversant with financial planning, forex trading, the procedure to make money in real estate and the like.

A unique product

The phase two product offered by Emerald Passport is the high profile Emerald International Conference. The conference takes place in a great location, where renowned and erudite guest lecturers are invited to share their knowledge and experience with the people. The different speakers in the Emerald International Conference speak eloquently on varied financial subjects like money, investing, banking, real estate, corporate and income tax and several other topics. The queries and doubts that people have regarding many aspects on the financial sphere are being addressed by the speakers in this Emerald International Conference. The ways by which people should bring about their own development, observe a personal growth is also being talked about in the conference.

Compensation plan

The compensation plan of Emerald Passport Business is known as reverse margin compensation plan. The first two sales that you make will go to your sponsor while you are entitled to keep the third sale for yourself. After signing in with a handsome fee of 1, 295$ , the path is not that smooth as you have to make two sales. Once you become the Director, you are in a position to have a potential income and can think of reaping benefits.

Customer assistance

Emerald Passport Business needs to do some thinking in providing adequate support for its potential customers. There is no facility of providing telephone support. Only the mails are trusted upon to be the means of communication between prospective customers and clients.

The slight dark shade

The products are considered overpriced but are available in the bookstores. The other range of internet marketing programs which are always up against one another, are considered to give people a better array of products.

You can join Emerald Passport business if you have enough marketing experience and the  company pays high commissions.

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You can make a living with YouTube videos — and Charisma on Command is proof.

Recently, I got the chance to meet Ben, one half of the famous YouTube crew Charisma on Command.

Charisma on Command started their channel dissecting the behavior of charismatic celebrities.

Today, they have over one MILLION subscribers.

In this video, we talk about Ben’s journey to starting a successful business.

You’ll learn…

1) How Ben came up with the idea for Charisma on Command — and how you can come up with your own biz idea

2) Why you shouldn’t panic if your business takes a dip

3) Tips to be charismatic in your own life (and attract that perfect partner 💃)

Watch the video above for more.

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