Here at Isomedia, we stand alone as the leader for CD and DVD manufacturing for independent artists, filmmakers, and businesses throughout Northern California. Several of our team members are musicians themselves. We offer complete turnkey packages, integrated in-house manufacturing, barcodes for retail sale, re-cycled packaging products like jackets and digi-paks, promotional posters and value-added promo services, as well as quality and turn-around times no one else can touch. 
Despite our success (or because of it), we continue to be firmly focused on our mission: helping independents – whether musicians, filmmakers, or small businesses – compete head to head with companies much larger than themselves. In short, we empower artists to follow their passion. And that, we believe, is a worthy mission. CDs and DVDs can prove to be especially useful to musicians and filmmakers. For example, having a CD or DVD copy of your work can add extra revenue while you are playing at concerts or attending a special filmmaker event.

CD and DVD replication has become a huge industry in America, Japan, Australia and across the world. There are companies that offer specialized service for those who want CDs and DVDs replicated in small or large quantities.Its an expensive process, which requires expensive automated equipment. These systems are usually used for large quantities of CDs and DVDs.CD & DVD replication is an expensive process, which requires expensive automated equipment. These systems are usually used for large quantities of CDs and DVDs.. With the advantage of high install base and high compatibility, companies most often opt for CD/DVD duplication when delivering content to the end-user.

It is our belief that CD manufacturing and CD discs will endure as time goes on because they afford artists a physical showcase for their hard work and effort. Many of the clients we have worked with over the years regard the manifestation of their music in the form of a CD as an extension of themselves.  A CD can be held, read over, artwork and graphics can become in some ways as important and reflective of an artist as the track lyrics themselves. In addition, many mainstream artists are finding they do not get or make a lot from digital download music sales, in many ways CD’s tend to afford more in the way of profits. There is a large volume of foreign (import) music that is not available to download from the internet, so you will find it only in CD format.
Compact-discs will also allow you to “rip” the audio tracks into any format needed, for any play back device, plus, a CD is a perfect master/backup source.So when your digital download store goes out of business, you will still have your CD and that shiny silver disc will let you start over as many times as you wish.



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