Most people who decide to go into business on eBay full time will eventually need to find a wholesaler for their items. Finding a wholesaler can be easier said than done, especially if you don’t own a traditional brick and mortar store and only wish to conduct business on-line. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers and wholesalers are not strictly online business friendly.

One of the first problems that you’ll find when looking for a wholesaler for your eBay business is that a lot of wholesalers aren’t willing to sell to people for purposes of reselling their products on eBay. Why is this? Chances are that the wholesaler already has a retail web presence and doesn’t want you to undercut the value of their product by selling it for a cheaper price than the company is selling it for in their online retail establishment. This wouldn’t make sense for the wholesaler, business wise. Everyone knows that eBay is an incredibly competitive market driven by low prices. If the wholesaler sold their product to you, and then you sold it on eBay for less than the wholesale company’s online retail establishment was selling it for, who do you think would be getting all of the sales?

The second problem you’ll likely encounter is that a lot of wholesalers won’t sell to you unless your business is registered. Now, this might not be a problem for a lot of people who are taking their eBay business seriously and already have their feet wet, but for the budding eBay entrepreneur this can be a real big road block. Unfortunately, there is only one way to get around this if you want to deal with such companies. Register your business.

Those aren’t the only roadblocks you may encounter, but they are two of the most common for budding eBay entrepreneurs. Finding a wholesaler is hard, but don’t give up hope. There are plenty of them out there for a lot of different products. You just have to shop around until you find one that’s eBay friendly.

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