While guides on how to open an eBay store number in the tens of thousands, the secrets to finding eBay business success are often closely guarded. The brutal truth is that most eBay businesses never survive beyond the first few months. Opening an eBay store is quite simple. A visit to eBay.com and a quick sign-up and you are done. However, it is the steps that you take after starting your eBay business that will separate your eBay business from the pack.

Ebay Store Suppliers: Find Your eBay Product Source

Finding a source of lucrative items for your eBay store can be extremely time consuming and treacherous. Many new eBay businesses look to foreign importers or garage sales for their items. This is a costly mistake. Garage sales are seasonal and can provide inconsistent profitable items. While foreign importers do provide bulk discounts, you will be forced to hold large amounts of inventory while you wait for the items to arrive. Dropshipping companies present the best solution for eBay products. These companies will often offer over a million items at below wholesale prices. The eBay business owner pays nothing up-front and holds no inventory. If the items listed do not sell, there is no risk to the eBay business. At the end of a successful eBay sale, the eBay store simply provides the shipping information to the dropshipper and the product arrives on the customers doorstep with no frustrating trips to the post office

Picking The Right eBay Store Items

Finding the right item depends completely on your knowledge and the items you are passionate about selling. Having over one million products dropshipping products to select for your eBay store will make this process much easier. Look for items have had a large number of bidders and a high closing price in past auctions. You can find this information under the completed auctions tool on eBay. Once you have chosen a product that is in high demand, simply list the item in your eBay business. Make sure to describe the item in full and include any relevant keywords in the title, as this is how buyers will find your auctions. Selecting several similar items for your store may also encourage buyers to purchase multiple items at one time. Take your time choosing your products as this can make or break an eBay business

Dropshipping To eBay Store Success: Try It Free.

One of the greatest features of eBay dropshippers is the free trial. Nearly all legitimate dropshippers will give at least a week’s worth of time to test out selling from the dropshipper’s catalog. During this period, take the time to research the items that are exclusive to that dropshipper, as this will allow you to sell items that may be offered by few other eBay stores. When the free trial ends, make sure to choose the dropshipper that is the best fit for your eBay store. In the end, your eBay success depends on your ability to separate yourself from the pack. Choosing a strong product supplier is only the first step. In the long run, your dedication will prove to be the most important factor to your eBay business success.

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