Thinking of starting a drop shipping home business? Chances are, you’ve seen hundreds of online drop shipping ads that make it sound so easy that you can become rich almost overnight. You may ask yourself, “Is it really that easy?” Just by typing the words “drop shipping” in your favorite search engine, millions of listings come up instantly. So you look at lots of them and it seems like they all sell the same type of stuff.

And if you’ve done a lot of shopping online it seems like there’s millions of stores selling all the same old stuff too.

Maybe the competition seems so fierce that it scares you away.

Meanwhile, you’re bombarded with all kinds of advice sites with tips on how to start your own drop shipping home business and being conditioned not to let the competition discourage you. Wait a minute here, you don’t have to be just another one of a million, “me too”, copycat store. If you try to do that, especially with high-tech items you don’t know much about you’ll be competing with hundreds of mega-retailers who can blow your business away.

All you have to do is be distinct and maybe even think small. Dare to put a little twist into your new store and offer unique or specialty niche items. If you have no previous online selling experience you may want to try small, inexpensive, and light items. These little things give you the opportunity to experiment with selling with minimal investment and risk. These may be basic items that are easy to become familiar with so your chances of having difficult customers to deal with are nearly next to none.

So what kinds of things should you include in your drop shipping home business? Any unusual unique things you know a little about that you don’t see too often online. Use your imagination and brainstorm about things you’ve never seen offered in typical drop shipping outlets. Make a list of these items as you think of them. Watch TV for an hour or so and pay attention to commercials. Remember to keep these things as light, inexpensive, and simple as possible.

Still stumped for ideas?

Here are some great things you may want to consider: religious items, action figure toys, Christmas decorations, and fishing equipment. These are great examples of niche items you can easily sell with minimal hassles. Most items in these categories are small, light, and when displayed adequately, are self-sellers. Thus, you need very little knowledge of any about these items and you’re not likely to be hit up with technical questions you can’t answer on the spot. Items like these are usually relatively small hand-held items that can’t be damaged easily by being mishandled by employees or shippers.

Also there are drop shippers for the types of products mentioned above. A site called sells Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim books, jewelry, and other items associated with these religions. Polish Christmas decorations for example can be found at and they’re noted for having some of the most beautiful, most unique bulbs and lights in the world. Action-figure toys is appealing category for young shoppers and make great gifts for any occasion. Two sites that offer these are Rock-N-Roll Action and And if you’re still game for selling fishing equipment there are drop shippers such as Fishing (All sites’ urls are as spelled but in all lower case letters and preceded by “www” with no spaces). If you should consider any of these drop shippers, please check them out for legitimacy.

Now you have some sample items you may want to consider for your drop shipping home business. Feel free to use these ideas or similar ideas of your own. Whatever you do, please don’t prejudge how well these items will sell in your store. Unless you’re a marketing expert, or know someone who is, you never know how successful these specialty items will be until you try them.

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