When you take the time to really LEARN something, when you COMMIT to really mastering something, you will reach a place where you now have the confidence and freedom to do it consistently. But, there will always be people out there who will never “get” it. I don’t think it’s that people aren’t WILLING to get up off of their couch, put the remote down, and actually INVEST the time and effort required to become GREAT at something. It’s just that FEAR holds us back. Please don’t let fear hold you back.  Don’t let the “not knowing” paralyze you and keep you from making the leap from what you have and do today to what you want to have and do tomorrow.

I’d like you to do something right now. Take a moment, and make the decision and commitment to yourself that you’re going to TAKE ACTION in the areas of your life that you want to improve, and you’re going to do what it takes to stay on track until you get the results that you’re looking for. Don’t let fear hold you back any longer. If you want to get more involved in investing with real estate, you want to learn how to get better returns on your existing money, and you want to “plug in” to a way to make more money with real estate than many people’s fear of success allows them to believe possible, then you’re in the right place!

Another problem with real estate investing is that a lot of people don’t know where to START. They REALIZE the power of leverage, and they get excited about double digit returns and five-figure checks… but the “not knowing” and uncertainty about risk creeps into their subconscious mind and suffocates their desires. They get frustrated that they don’t know how to get on the right track and where to learn the “how to” of things that actually work.

When I first decided that I had to learn how to create my own income and become an entrepreneur, I spent probably a year or two “wandering around” trying to find out what worked. Honestly, I ran around in a lot of circles trying things that sounded like good ideas…but wound up being complete B.S. After trying a number of off-the-wall things (because when you’re determined to STOP being an employee and TAKE CHARGE of your life, the desire to become an entrepreneur and reach financial freedom can become a blazing-hot fire driving from within that can lead you literally ANYWHERE) and these things I tried FAILED…after that, I decided to stop and take a look around.

And what did I see? When you strip away all the glitter and all the dross, when you peel back all the illusions of media and society and education, and you look down at the EARTH ITSELF, what do you SEE? Real Estate. There was my answer. So I committed to learning how to become a real entrepreneur, someone who understood the secrets involved in real estate investing. I pushed myself to “get it”. Then, once I finally figured out some of the ideas, techniques and skills it was going to take to really become great at this, it took awhile to really learn the skills and practice them to the point where I could use them and have predictable success with them.

Why am I telling you this? Because I don’t want you to let fear hold you back.  I’d like to save you some of the time, effort, expense and hassle that my partners and I put into figuring out all of this stuff… and we’d like to help you swing the odds in your favor when it comes to real estate success. I’d like you to take advantage of the fact that together with my business partners with HIS Real Estate Network I’ve spent literally thousands of hours learning as much as I possibly could about this stuff, and I’ve personally spent hundreds more organizing this information and putting it together in a way that you can pick up and use IMMEDIATELY to get better results investing in real estate.


If you’re serious about making money NOW in commercial real estate, while building long-term wealth, all by learning how to re-position yourself to achieve INFINITE returns then you must attend our next live educational online webinar with America’s #1 Real Estate Network™. Register here, right now as a guest of Danny Welsh and unlock the secrets to 6-figure pay-days and awesome monthly cash flow per deal: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back.

An entrepreneur, real estate investor, marketing consultant and copywriter, dedicated reader of thriller novels, lover of great southern barbecue, Texas hold ‘em poker aficionado, and published author, Danny Welsh is passionate about two things: empowering real estate investors and entrepreneurs to get to the next level, and helping other business owners get better results with their marketing using mostly no cost and low cost marketing initiatives. Co-founder of both the Greatest Real Estate Giveaway and Real Deal Community social network for real estate investors, Danny is a managing partner with HIS Real Estate Network, a commercial real estate buying group.

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