Domain names are the names you type up on your Internet browser’s address bar in order to bring up the website you want to see. It enable website owners to easily direct visitors to their websites. An easy to remember domain name helps a lot in attracting first time visitors as well as have these visitors keep returning to the site. Without domains, the only way to call up websites is to type up the Internet Protocol address of the web server that the website files are located in. This makes it very difficult for people to locate websites they are interested in.

Domains are managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names. They manage allocate all the registered domain names and IP addresses to prevent hoarding and ensuring that one particular domain name will only lead to the website that they are registered to.

When a website is being developed, a domain name registration is one of the first things that a developer would do. A developer leases a domain name with a domain registrar. While a it is registered, nobody else can use the particular domain throughout the duration of the lease. This prevents multiple websites using the same name. Only the one that registered the domain name can use it to direct people to their particular website. Multiple domains can redirect to one website but multiple websites cannot be registered on one domain.

Domains are very important. It is the first thing that a person sees about a website. A well chosen name can really promote a website as people can just type it up on the browser as soon as they remember. Popular websites are known by their easy to remember and catchy names. They are also a big factor when it comes to search engine optimization for your website. The more the it matches the content and services of the website, the more a search engine increases the relevance of the website on the search engine results page.

Unregistered domains that are catchy and in demand fetch a premium price. These premiums can fetch such high prices that some people get into business of registering domains while they are still at a lower price and auctioning them off to interested buyers when it becomes in demand and popular. This business is called domain name parking.

Domain names are definitely one of the important parts of a website that picking and registering one shouldn’t be done in a haphazard and half hearted manner. By making sure that you have the right domain name for your website that’s catchy and easy to remember, your website will definitely be off to a great start.

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