We’ve been talking about paternity issues and the actions which happen in a paternity case, whether or not you as the dad carry out the serving or if you’re served with papers from the mother. While typically a hearing is the place most child custody, child support and paternity cases, these are remedied so you could possibly reconcile a great deal of those issues away from the court room.

A few of the advantages for seeking to handle the problem outside of the court room might be the expense of going to trial, coping with parental evaluations and interference by others and staying away from the whole emotional problems that might take place. Numerous times, a mom that has no unkind thoughts or difficulties with the dad might be enticed to undertake and state things she wouldn’t ordinarily. It might save time, also, if both sides are prepared to come together.

A non-contested action might be put in place once the mom agrees with the reality that you’re the dad and you consent to that likewise. There are two important things have to take place for you to go this path: there absolutely has to be no chance that someone else is the dad, and the mom must have been single when the child came into this world and when she was expecting. If these conditions are met, both of you sign an affidavit proclaiming that you’re the Dad and it really is then resolved.

This can be a faster, less complicated method to deal with a paternity dispute for single dads any time there aren’t any problems or conflicts involved and the mother and father are on great terms. It helps you to save precious time, dollars and hassles and lets you move forward with the genuine concerns – bringing up your son or daughter as a team.


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