The short answer is yes, though you can expect to find plenty of people grousing about the Herbalife weight loss products because they had unrealistic expectations that their fat would melt away overnight.

Weight loss products like Herbalife give individuals a needed boost, extra energy, and nutritional benefits that they wouldn’t otherwise have. It is one of the best on the market simply because it contains natural ingredients that have been proven to promote weight loss. However, no product will work if the individual continues to eat a gallon of rocky road ice cream every night and a dozen eggs for breakfast.

Some of the naysayers are actually quite amusing. For example, more than one person has said that they did lose weight using Herbalife but were angry that when they stopped using it, the weight came right back on. Well, duh.

That doesn’t mean that you must take Herbalife for the rest of your life, but it does give you a weight loss boost, and the people who have been most successful with the product have used it in tandem with healthful eating and exercise. Herbalife shakes contain energy burning ingredients, fiber, and the protein your body needs to maintain and promote good muscle tone. Taking Herbalife by itself won’t make your buff-only exercise can do that-but taking it with exercise will promote faster improvement in muscle tone while you lose weight.

The supplement’s shakes do contain caffeine, an ingredient proven to increase your metabolism, but people with a low tolerance for caffeine would do better to avoid that particular product. The company is extremely straight forward in providing customers with a list of ingredients, and if you have any concerns, show them to your doctor or pharmacist.

Nothing is a panacea for weight loss. However, a quality diet supplement like Herbalife helps you to shed the pounds all that quicker.

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