We all know that books are the primary source of good information and permanent knowledge. The things that we enjoy these days are product of what one has learned from reading. We can’t achieve progress if there is no knowledge. We need to see the things that are unseen before we can be able to learn and apply them. Books today may be printed and some are published online. When one is an avid reader, he becomes exposed to the mysteries of life and he learns the different cultures all over the world without traveling. Besides, we develop creativity when we read.

Reading basically starts in childhood with all the colorful books and make-believe stories. On the other hand, the adolescent stage has people patronizing another book genre.

The books that the teens read should be something that already has adult themes and still has a hint of childhood stories. This stage in ones life is the stage where one is very vulnerable and sensitive. The books for teens can be those about mysteries or romance since these are the more challenging books and teens find these exciting. Teens seek for thrill and adventure and mystery books can surely give them what they are looking for. The teens can become challenged reading stories from this type of books. Girls on the other hand prefer reading romance novels or books because they are not starting to look at the opposite sex. Young people should read books on adventures and fantasy or stories that are fictional. These kinds of stories are fun and can stir up their imagination. These books would take them to a new level of fun to balance their readings on unreal adventures, although youths now prefer modern adventures. They can relate more to familiar figures which they can see as role models. These books are great influence for the teens as long as these books don’t involve violence or any sexual content.

Those that are on the younger age bracket can learn from books that have pictures. The pictures themselves add to the thrill of reading and are also good brain stimulants. Parents should instill in their children the values of choosing the right books for their age because the way they benefit from reading generally depends on the particular developmental stage they’re in.

Let your teenagers join Doubleday Book Club to enhance their skill in reading and improve their vocabulary. Other books they can join are the Book of the Month Club, Literary Guild and many more. Take your time to explore your choices.