Development and Reform Commission said China’s grain harvest for six consecutive years, stock abundance, grain market supply is completely secure. A quarter of domestic food prices rose slightly mainly raise the minimum grain purchasing prices by the State, the Northeast last year, rice cut tolls, Southwest region experienced severe drought is expected to rise to market prices and other factors.

Edible oil, the oil price Development and Reform Commission is expected to post slight fluctuations in the current price. Because of the global oil market will continue to show the situation of supply exceeding demand, post-oil world market oil prices is limited. This year China’s soybean (3901,6.00,0.15%), a record high last year, imports will continue to increase the basis, oil processing enterprises ample raw materials and finished goods inventory.

Development and Reform Commission pointed out that this year, hog prices are falling in appearance, in March an average of 23 December last year decreased by 20%, the average retail price of pork market supermarkets fell 4.4%. Pork consumption has entered the low season, demand is significantly decline. But the state started purchasing and storage of frozen pork measures, the expected retail price of pork will go up again later.

In addition, the Development and Reform Commission is expected in summer vegetable prices will continue to decline. With the weather warming, a lot of vegetables in open market, prices of fresh vegetables rising early pullback. Over the past five-year average, the consumer price index in the month the chain 4,5,6 vegetables prices fell 4.7%, 9.5% and 7.8%.

NDRC also stressed that, Southwest drought on domestic food and edible vegetable oil affect the prices. Although the Southwest drought on local agricultural production had a serious impact, but not food and oil crops in the affected areas the main producing provinces, coupled with grain, oil inventories are adequate, it has little effect on the whole.

National Bureau of macroeconomic data released this morning show in March CPI up 2.4% in China, the chain fell 0.7%; in the first quarter rose 2.2%, food prices rose 5.1%.

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