National Development and Reform Commission Web site March 17 release “dyeing and printing industry access” (the “access”) the full text. “Access” to the existing printing business deal put forward the views of environmental protection, new or changed on the proposed expansion of printing project requirements of environmental protection, will help standardize printing and dyeing industry, and promote structural adjustment, protecting the environment, reduce pollution and achieve printing and dyeing industry sustainable development. The access from March 1, 2008 come into effect.

“Access” requirement of the State Council, national departments and provincial government provided scenic spots, nature reserves, drinking water protection areas and major rivers cross borders not within the provisions of the new printing project, has been in the put into operation within the region’s printing and dyeing production enterprises in the region according to plan, by moving, changing the line, etc. gradually withdraw from; lack of water or poor water quality areas should strictly control the printing and dyeing projects; water is relatively abundant in areas with printing and dyeing projects, local governments should be relatively concentrated construction, centralized heating and centralized treatment of pollutants.

For new or modified printing expansion project, “access” requires the use of advanced process technology, using energy saving equipment, the main equipment parameters should realize online detection and control, prohibit the inclusion of “industrial restructuring guidance List of “restricted, eliminated the backward class production technology and equipment, restricting the use of more than 5-year useful life of second-hand pre-treatment, dyeing equipment.

New printing company should have a certain economic scale, cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, silk printing and dyeing fabrics designed annual production capacity should be 2000 meter / year; wool fabric dyeing machine designed annual production capacity should be 200 meter / year ; knitting or yarn dyeing designed annual production capacity should be 2000 tons / year. In addition, development and production of printing and dyeing enterprises should low consumption, low pollution, high value-added textile products, to establish a good quality security system, the product quality to meet the national or industry standards, product integrated yield above 95%. Printing and dyeing enterprises should implement three energy, Water Management, set up specialized agencies or personnel on energy, water and sewage to monitor the situation and to establish management evaluation systems and statistical systems.

In environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, the “access” requirement of the new or modified printing expansion project environmental protection facilities, according to the “textile industry corporate environmental design” requirements for the design and construction, the implementation of environmental protection facilities with the main project at the same time designed, constructed, while production of the “three simultaneous” system. Area have focused on wastewater treatment facilities or to allow discharge to municipal wastewater collection system enterprise to configure the appropriate treatment facilities or treatment facilities sufficient, to achieve the target pollutant emission requirements. Pollutants must meet pollutant emission control targets and achieve national and local environmental protection department under the emission standard.

“Access” requirement printing enterprises should vigorously promote cleaner production, encourage enterprises to carry out cleaner production audit assessments and energy audits, improve production technology and equipment, the source of pollutants from the production output, reduce production cost and end treatment .

Access conditions” proposed new or modified printing expansion project at the provincial level and above should be the investment management department for the record, project construction must meet the access conditions. Do not meet the entry criteria printing project, the investment management department shall record; land management department shall not go through the land approval procedures; environmental protection shall not process the environmental approval procedures; building shall not process the construction started procedures; safety supervision shall not process the security clearance; financing department shall not provide any form of credit support.

“Access” clearly, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to scientific planning and printing and dyeing industry, new or modified printing expansion project to meet the national industrial plans and industrial policies to meet the local ecological environment planning and land use planning requirements. Management departments at all levels of the textile industry, printing and dyeing enterprises should strengthen the implementation of access for the supervision and inspection, supervision as soon as possible to access existing business requirements.

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