Copenhagen soon, to warm the international climate change conference, Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance and Environmental protection Ministry and other ministries jointly held yesterday, “Energy Reduction and Climate Change Forum”, relevant departments were expressed at the meeting on the international climate negotiations, China’s position, and elaborated on the future of the promotion of energy saving ideas.

Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Policy and Management, said Wang Yi, deputy director of Institute of Science, Development and Reform Commission is currently drafting a low-carbon Economy Guidance, will define the concept of low-carbon economy, planning our low-carbon economy.

Upcoming energy-saving environmental protection industry, the New Deal
With increasing pressure to address climate change, the development of low power, small emissions of new industries has become the inevitable choice. Authorities said that the future will be to develop new industries.

Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang said, “In the development of new strategic industries, Energy Field, we choose a new energy, renewable energy, non-fossil energy as the future direction of development; in the transportation field, we choose electric Car As the focus of development; in the field of information, we determine the smart grid and related technologies as a development priority. “

For the development of these emerging industries, renewable energy technologies, energy conservation technology, clean coal technology and nuclear technology, will become the focus of future scientific and technological work.

Academician Ding Yihui, China Meteorological Administration, also said emissions from developed countries to developing countries, occupies space, making the future development of China’s economy is facing great challenges, therefore, develop low-carbon economy and the industry is the inevitable choice in China.

NDRC Resources Conservation and Environmental Protection said inspectors He Bingguang, including energy-saving environmental protection industry, including planning a number of energy-saving environmental protection industry to promote the development of policies recently forthcoming.

“With the economic and social development and people’s living standards, people on the environment and sustainable development are becoming more intense, energy-saving environmental protection industry will gradually expand the space.” He Bingguang said. It is understood that energy-saving environmental protection industry in China 2008 GDP of 1.55 trillion yuan, accounting for 5.17% of domestic GDP, and energy-saving environmental protection industry has become an important part of the national economy.

Strengthen environmental assessment of traditional energy industry
Data show that the “Eleventh Five-Year” in the first three years, our unit of GDP energy consumption decreased by 10.1% first half of this year decreased by 3.35%, unit GDP energy consumption in 2010 decreased by 20% compared to 2005 target expected to achieve. As the industrial energy consumption accounts for 70% of energy consumption, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emission volume is the total emissions of 40% and 85%, so pay attention to energy conservation, industrial areas, the achievement of significant energy reduction targets.

Miao Wei, vice minister of Ministry of Industry said, and the latter to pay close attention to focus on energy saving and emission reduction. Currently, Steel , Cement, Electronic Information, military and other industries as well as energy saving and emission reduction guidance for SMEs also developed among the key sectors of energy consumption and environmental protection technology standards are being developed or revised in the process. Ministry of Industry and will gradually strengthen the comprehensive energy consumption in years of more than 5,000 tons of coal equivalent key energy companies energy conservation goals of the assessment.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Science and Technology Organization will focus on industries with energy saving technology assessment and applied research, mainly around the iron and steel, Non-ferrous metals , Chemicals, building materials and other 12 industries, and develop evaluation mechanisms for corporate energy reduction targets.

Miao Wei also pointed out that “12 5” period, China’s industry will continue to face resource and energy consumption and serious environmental pollution, input-output ratio lower bound, in accordance with the existing development model, not only unsustainable resources and environment, and development is not sustainable, thus increasing the intensity of industrial areas of energy conservation is necessary.

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