There used to be a time when only the richest families could travel abroad for their holidays. Crossing the seas was reserved for explorers, sailors and soldiers off to fight battles; nipping across the Channel for lunch in Calais wasn’t an option! In today’s world of modern technology and scientific breakthroughs, it’s easy to forget how different things were just 100 years ago with regards to international travel. You couldn’t just hop in a minicab to London City Airport for a stop-over somewhere in Europe. We often take these conveniences for granted, but our nation is lucky to have such a developed transport network. London City Airport transfers are easy, whether you decide to take the train, the bus, drive yourself or book a cab.

Another great thing about flying from the United Kingdom is that it’s affordable for almost everyone. Booking online in advance or snapping up last minute deals means that you can fly to Europe for less than £100; some professionals in London earn that much every day! Many people save up throughout the year so that they can afford a week or two on holiday in another country. Whether it’s a mountain top adventure at ski resort or white sandy beaches, you can get there from London in just a few hours. London City Airport transfers are much faster these days too; by going online and clicking a few buttons, you can arrange for a fast minicab in London City Airport at whichever time suits you. Websites have been designed for the customer’s convenience, with easy layouts and a speedy booking process. All you need to do is type in where you want to be picked up and dropped off, then click ‘book’ if you like the instantly generated quote.

If you are one of the lucky ones heading abroad, make sure you do arrange your minicab to London City Airport in advance; although airport minicabs are available around the clock, there are very busy periods so it will give you peace of mind to have your booking already secured. There will also be more choice of vehicles; perhaps you require a people carrier for your London City Airport transfers, or a car with wheelchair access. Most cab companies can offer these, but only have a limited amount of vehicles.

Although London City Airport offers flights to many popular holiday destinations, it is more commonly used by business people. This is due to the fact that it is situated so close to Canary Wharf, which is a centre for business in London. Finance and Media industries thrive here, with many head offices located just a short minicab ride from the airport itself.

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