B2B websites have to cope with a number of challenges that are not generally present in the case of B2C websites. This is only natural. For one thing, the products offered are more diverse. Since the transactions are between two businesses, the buying process is in itself more complicated, and therefore involves more steps. Therefore, for a business to business websiteto be entirely successful and effective, the design of the website must be completely oriented towards the users.

Here are some important design tips to remember while building business to business websites.

Your website is often the first place people come to check you out. Does your website design please and excite them or does it send them running in the opposite direction? Your website must throw light on what you do and whom you serve. To do this, you must showcase the products and services you sell. You must also give out more information on the type of businesses you serve, the local areas that you provide services in and the size of the organization that your business serves. Some businesses work with small organizations only while others may prefer large organizations.

The data placed on your website must be structured and clear. Your customers must be able to find their way around easily. Clear, navigable menus are a must. You must also provide text links that allow visitors to learn more about items of interest. A functional search mechanism is also useful.

A good B2B website makes it a point to tell visitors what their USP is. They express clearly why they are the leaders in a niche and why customers must do business with them. In short, everything is done with the purpose of telling consumers what’s in it for them.

One of the best ways to convince other businesses to do business with you is to give them enough evidence of how good you are. You must use your website to explain the expertise and experience of your personnel. It might be a good idea to list the credentials of your people. You could also provide a helpful list of companies that are doing business with you currently. Favorable testimonials are helpful and they go a long way in convincing clients to stick with you long term. Any awards or certificates received may also be put up on your website.

Finally, a business to business website must make it easy for interested clients to do business on their website. For this to happen, the website must contain clear instructions on what visitors need to do. The website must make it immensely easy for customers to place an order. Prospective customers must also have different ways of requesting information, in case it is needed.

The success of a business to business website greatly depends on how popular the website is. Therefore, special interest must be paid to search engine optimization. Relevant keywords and popular phrases must be incorporated in the text, so that users can find your website when they search.

The above steps will help a business to business website attract other businesses and attract hordes of web traffic.

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