Dentists chairs – The new myriad is proving to be a confusing paradigm these days. Time was when it was easy, although expensive, to buy a turnkey solution form just a small number of suppliers. The last few years have changed that considerably as new Eastern and particularly Chinese suppliers come to market with surprisingly good quality products at a 3rd of the cost of traditional branded products.

I know, I know, I hear the shouts of protest about quality, support, usability and yes, if you were buying and Ipod clone, or fake Nike shoes, then yes, you’d be entirely justified in your remonstration. However, we are not talking about cheap consumer good knock offs here, we are probing the viability of what appears to be high quality, durable and CE approved goods that match and even eclipse some product offerings from European or US based suppliers.

Take for example the products offered by Crystal Medical on their website. Notwithstanding the vast choice, the spectacular price and the fact that all products are supported by a long warranty, you can see from the product descriptions that the quality is there. For a start, most base plates, the bit that is secured to the floor, on most dental units is 10mm steel. The products on this company’s website have 13mm steel base plates.

So what ? you say. So, this exhibits a commitment to durability and quality. Motors with extended brushes for longer life, thicker upholstery, eminent designs that imbue a sense of superiority and you have a strong argument for taking a closer look at this value proposition.

Dentists increasingly find that the look and feel of their surgery has a proportional effect on their bottom line, and as such are constantly looking for ways to exceed their client’s expectations in order to extract more than just teeth from the treatment process. Good looking, practical and rigid chairs are a must, and the range that Crystal Medical offer will absolutely meet the needs of the most astute Dentist.

Put together with this company’s amazing free to use online eprocurement tool and you have suddenly found a single touch point that allows you to procure a single item, or a whole surgery that uses your aggregate spend to reduce costs even further. Coupled with this company’s Easy rent programme and you can see how easy it is to acquire a whole surgery for one single and easy to manage payment that is covered by the first treatment on Monday morning.

The world is changing, the way we buy goods is changing and evolving with it will always mean you are ahead of your game. So, when looking for new equipment don’t be overwhelmed by Dental chairs – the new myriad

Stephen Soos
Crystal Medical Ltd

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