Data entry is an important tool for any business in order to manage information effectively. At present lots of businesses are outsourcing data entry services to third parties in order to focus more on core business activities. Outsourcing Data entry services can provide various benefits as below.


Employee Efficiency: If data cannot be accessed easily, the performance of employee is affected directly. Hence, data entry services allow to convert unorganized raw data to proper structure so that it can be accessed easily thus increasing employee productivity.


Reduce Expenses: Most of the businesses outsource offline data entry jobs to 3rd parties in order to cut costs and avoid unnecessary overhead like hiring new staff, allocation of resources and management. Data entry India is very cost effective since the services are available at low cost and companies can save up to 60% of their cost and the turn around time is also less.


Organize Information: Companies related to Data entry India help in converting unorganized data in various formats to structured data in desired format. They also ensure privacy and confidentially of data. With help of data entry services, data can be synchronized and managed effectively.


There are various types of offline data entry and online data entry projects as below,

1. Product Catalog data entry: Product Catalogs are an important source for attracting customers and online data entry of catalogs is necessary for e-commerce websites and online shopping websites. Companies related to data entry India provide such services at very low cost.

2. Business transactions Data entry: Data entry related to finance and banking transactions are very important for trading companies and banks. It can be outsourced to reliable data entry Services Company who can handle the task easily with team of dedicated data entry experts.

3. Online Form data entry: Online data entry of forms related to customer surveys is necessary to analyze market trends and certain marketing companies outsource such tasks to focus more on their core business activities.

4. Medical and insurance claims data entry: Offline data entry of forms related to insurance and medical claims can be outsourced to data entry companies. They will provide 100% accurate results with quick Turn around time.

5. Data conversion: There are also data conversion services which involve conversion of data from one format to another. Some of data conversion services provided by Iflame data entry services include,

1. Microsoft Excel to HTML
2. Adobe PDF to Microsoft word
3. PDF to PSP and Vice versa
4. TIFF to Adobe PDF
5. TGA to GIF and Vice versa
6. Images to XHTML and other electronic formats
7. Scanned paper documents to electronic format
8. Photoshop Document to XHTML
9. Document proofing and Color correction
10. Scanning of X-rays and other paper documents and conversion to email


Apart from that, other data entry services include sales contact data entry, mailing list compilation, image data entry, legal document entry, web research etc.


IFlame data entry services India, is a professional, experienced data entry services company based in India. Their data entry services are reliable and affordable. They provide 24/7 customer support and ensure 99 percent data accuracy. IFlame data entry services, employs the best cutting edge tools and state-of-the-art technology for their offline data entry projects. They have the best information protection and security tools to ensure confidentiality of customer data.


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