Mauve colour and crepe fabric have been classically used in this saree.The mauve body of the saree has self woven patterns with multi shaded zari images which are in paisley patterns. Pure crepe jacquard is used for the diligent works done in this saree. The spectacular saree comes with matching blouse material that is best stitched with elbow length sleeves and deep u neck in the front and the back. The floral patterns in the saree are moderately sized and closely packed. The twines and multi sized leaf patterns accentuate the grace of the floral patterns. The saree flows gracefully through the waist and the shoulder. The subtleness of mauve colour has a blend of tranquility and cheer within itself. The works and elements of the saree are decided by the designer with rich innovation and experience. The craftsperson has materialized the aspects of the saree with impeccable dexterity.

The waist of the saree could be easily draped with perfect and smooth pleated region. While the part from the waist has been plainly done with the self woven patterns the part below the knee region has small floral images done with blue and silver threads. Blue flowers supported by two leaves are scattered throughout the portion below the knee and all over the front torso and the pallu. The border of the saree is stunning with the elegant placement of paisley pattern in a slanted way which touches each other in pairs. They have zari works from the paisley patterns to the edges of the saree. Using blue colour for the mauve background is a diligent decision. The huge paisley patterns accentuate the elements found in the saree. The saree is a cool wear for evening parties. The saree would look good on tall people who could bear the weight of the crepe jacquard material.

Mauve bangles, mauve beaded chains and pearl chains, mauve eardrops are few of the jewelry that would enhance the charm of the saree. Mauve handbags and mauve slippers are as good as blue purses and blue slippers as accessories for this charming saree. The saree is good for cooler climates owing to the thick fabric that is used. The colours could be mixed in the accessories to make a style statement with this saree. The subtle colours of the saree encourage it to be worn while visiting senior citizens and patients. The charm of the saree is highly appreciated.

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